The first fragrance I remember was when I was only about 7 years old. My aunt used the 'In Love' talc which came in pink heart shaped plastic bottles and she always kept the bottles for me, with a little talc left inside. At the age of 10 I graduated to Avon's Pretty Peach then on to Yardley's Sea Jade when I was about 13. Over the years I have frequently changed perfumes, never seeming to find one that I liked for any great length of time, maybe a couple of years at the most. Do our tastes really change every couple of years?

I've now found myself returning to perfume houses I used in my 20's (I'm in my 50's) such as Balmain, Jean Patou. However, the other day I really got a bit of a shock. I walked into the office of our new senior manager and I immediately thought of Hartnell's 'In Love'. It wasn't exactly the same, but it really reminded me of it, very sweet, powdery, soft, extremely feminine, but it was classier somehow, more modern. Her husband is Spanish so I'm wondering if it is a Spanish perfume as I have never smelt anything remotely similar for over 30 years. I'm determined to find out what it is, but it's maybe a bit cheeky to ask such a personal question at the moment.

Has anyone ever asked a total stranger what fragrance they are wearing, and do other people also return to perfumes they wore years ago?