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    Default Fragrance Categorization/Organization

    As a obsessive person, I am continually looking for the best ways to organize my growing collection. Thus out of curiosity, I'm wondering - how do you guys organize your collections, particularly those of you with 30+ bottles.

    By brand? Fragrance category? Shape of bottle? Color of juice? How do you guys keep track of this many bottles?

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    Default Re: Fragrance Categorization/Organization

    I organise roughly by categorisation, shoving them either in front or along the the side the clothes in my dressing table drawers - chypers, fougeres, ambery fougeres, citruses, ambery orientals, spicy orientals all have their own drawers. But niche ones I just threw all together in one drawer.

    The cheaper ones, or those I have more than one bottle of (because they were cheaper), I keep in the bathroom cabinet.

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    Default Re: Fragrance Categorization/Organization

    Being half Scottish I like to economize when I can. I found a cast-off bookshelf that admirably holds much (though not all) of my collection. I group things in a vaguely systematic way, in family categories (citrus, wood and spice, incense, fougere) which are my main interests. I have to stack them two or three deep sometimes, but I'm tall and can peer behind the various boxes. And I store them all in boxes, no bottles in view.

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    Default Re: Fragrance Categorization/Organization

    I store my stash on a curio-type shelving unit in my 2nd floor hallway. I organize them by "scent family" like citrus/fruity, floral-fruity, "just" floral, marine, oriental-spicey, foody-gourmand and so on.... The ones I tend to use most are lined up in front. I display mine out of boxes, because I like the look of "pretty bottles."
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    Default Re: Fragrance Categorization/Organization

    Well, I've got my Creeds all together, as do I with my Penhaligons. Then I have a section of typically Brittish/barbershop fragrances, and a section of French exotic scents.

    Brittish/Barbershop section - Hugh Parsons Blue and Yellow, Dunhill (03+34), Burberry London, and Gendarme (although this is American)

    French exotics - Montale Aoud Lime and Fougeres Marine, Lutens Chergui and Daim Blond, Terre d'Hermes, L'Artisan Tea for Two, Dior Homme.

    Creed - BdP, CM, SV, FV, MI, OSa, HM, GV, GIT, OV, BdS, RD, OSp, BdG, CB, REL

    Penhaligons - Blenheim, Douro, Racquets, Endymion, Castile
    Lately I've been wearing:
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