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    Default Re: What's your fav mascara?

    Quote Originally Posted by Therese View Post
    It is odd. I go for pricy lipsticks, blushes, foundations, but always buy drugstore mascaras. Cover Girl, Maybelline, any will do. Because I replace them every two months or so, it makes a kind of sense.
    This is the same reason I refuse to buy mid to high end mascara. What's the point of spending $15-25 or more on something you're going to throw out in 2-4 months?

    I use Almay Get up and Grow waterproof. It gets mixed reviews but I like it well enough that I'm on my third tube, which is quite an accomplishment (the only other one I've repurchased that much is good old Great Lash and maybe Full 'n Soft...the Almay beats both of them IMO).

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    Default Re: What's your fav mascara?

    Dior mascaras are my faves. Love Extase, Diorshow and Iconic and lash primer Maximizer. Also like some Chanel, Guerlain, HR and Ysl mascaras.

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    Have anyone tried new Guerlain Maxi lash?
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