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Thread: CK Be - Amazing

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    Have you guys tried this cologne? It smells amazingly nice, but 'pleasant' would be the better word. white musk and sandalwood - those two are my favs. My roommate asked me what i was wearing because the cologne that i had on smelled 'F****** good.'
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    you remind me of...well, me! i have not changed much in last one year though...

    yeh! CK be rocks! actually both Ck Be and One has to be an essential in any wardrobe. lovely scent.

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    I love CK Be good stuff. I wish i could find the shower gel. Its a clean fragrance. very comforting and smooth. I totally love the black packaging of the fragrance. brings back memories of fall of 06' when it was launched. everyone was like not into it. THey were still stuck on Ck One . I on the other had was like nope Ck be is the new hotness. 10 years later i still rock it.
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    I haven't tried it, but I do have a couple that I think are similar: Cuba Blue and something called "360 Sexy Eau de Parfum," which I got in a lot purchase. I consider them good "change of pace" fragrances.

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    You beat me to it, Sir!
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    Yes! CK Be is amazing. I'm surprised its been axed by department stores and one can only find it in Targets, Kohls, Sears etc. It's not discontinued but most of the major dept stores don't seem to carry it anymore.

    - Al

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