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    Default What else is like M7 and Encre Noire?

    These seem to be my wife's two favorites. Obviously they're nothing alike, being based one on agarwood and the other on vetiver... yet they are both dark, mysterious, woody, almost "wet"...

    What else is similar to these two?

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    Default Re: What do M7 and Encre Noire have in common?

    Except the characteristics you have already mentioned, I cannot see any other similarity between these two scents. Firmenich is behind both scents but I do not think that it is really relevant.
    However, I am very glad that you used term “wet”. Namely, whenever I smell Encre Noire this is the first expression which comes to my mind. Many people say that Encre Noire smells just like the ink (yes, yes, I know that “encre” means the ink and that the bottle was inspired by a 1913 Lalique ink pot), but, to me, it smells like wet vetiver.
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    Default Re: What else is like M7 and Encre Noire?

    M7 is a very unique entity, though if it's oud you're after, I suggest you check into any of the Montale oud line. They range from fiercely strong (Black Oud, Oud Cuir d'Arabie) to mild (Silver Oud, White Oud).

    For that 'wet vetiver' you describe, check out Chanel Sycomore, which is a very 'damp' sort of fragrance . In terms of prominence of vetiver, Parfumerie Generale Querelle and Malle's Vetiver Extraordinaire are in the same league.

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    Default Re: What else is like M7 and Encre Noire?

    There is a decent dose of Vetiver in M7, but I mostly get the aoud and musk. For a change of pace, you can try the supporting range of M7 products (shower gel, aftershave, deodorant). They each have something different and they are supposed to compliment each other.

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    Default Re: What else is like M7 and Encre Noire?

    You might like Tiffany for men, though I suggest sampling first.

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    Default Re: What else is like M7 and Encre Noire?

    If you're after dark, "wet," and woody, consider sampling Route du Vetiver and Parfum d'Habit. If it's the cool, medicinal aspect of oudh (agarwood) that's appealing to you in M7, you'll find it far more strongly expressed in the dark, woody context of Black Aoud.
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    Default Re: What else is like M7 and Encre Noire?


    If you are a fan of M7 I would definitely recommend Ormande Jayne's Ormande Man fragrance. I could try and explain it to you myself however I think OJ will do a better job:

    Ormonde for men, a fragrance most sophisticated, despite its unconventional ingredients.

    Complex and full of character, sultry and mystical, the fragrance exudes soft woody notes, but it is the infusion of Oudh oil, the world’s most prized essence since time immemorial, that sets it apart, elevating the scent to one of true distinction.

    This enigmatic creation epitomises the audacious innovation of Ormonde Jayne’s first perfume for men - it’s so sensual, you may just have to surrender yourself.

    - Top: Juniper berry, bergamot, pink pepper, cardamom and coriander seeds
    - Heart: Oudh and black hemlock
    - Base: Vetivert, cedar, sandalwood and musk
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    Default Re: What else is like M7 and Encre Noire?

    M7 fresh? No.
    M7 is a close relative of Nosamatto Duro. Duro has a higher dose of Oud, but it is less medicinal than M7 (ironically). The downside is that nosamatto also has a musky/nutmegy drydown that I really do not like.
    As for Encre noir, I do not think there is much room for improvement elsewhere. It would be good for you to test Vetiver Extreme by guerlain, yang and 2 Man by CdG. Each one of them captures and elaborates on some aspect of EN. People say it is very similar to Extraordinary Vetiver by Malle, by I believe EN is superior and cheaper.
    Have you tried Gucci Rush? How about Domenico caraceni? It is also dark misterious and somewhat woody. It is a bit floral too.
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    Default Re: What else is like M7 and Encre Noire?

    Try Oud Wood and Tom Ford Extreme - both by Tom Ford. They both share many facets of M7.

    As far as similar to EN, sorry but I don't own it, and the one time I smelled it I barely could smell it.
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