I think this is first-class fragrances.. Both of them! But i like Jaipur best. It`s smooth, soft, warm and delicious.
When i smell Boucheron pour homme, i can see a person in my mind....: A elegant man between 55 and 75, with dark/grey hair, suit and tie, a briefcase under his arm, dark suntan, Rolex on his arm, and driving a Merzedes Bentz... I like Boucheron PH much, but I am 34, light skin, blond, and when i`m looking in the mirror, i dont find a match between me and this scent... But when i use Jaipur, it`s something different! This one suites me much better! A soft hearted scent, that is much more wearable to me when i look at the mirror..
-So the winner of these two, will be (in my opinion) Jaipur!

I think after about 20 years i will be ready for B-P-H...