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    Default Hair Style: Christian Bale in American Psycho

    Hi, this may sound like a funny request, but does anyone have any advice for how I could attain a similar hair style to Christian Bale's in the film American Psycho? I'm a big fan of his style in the movie.

    Examples from the movie:

    I'm half Asian, with thick long hair (a lot of people say I look kinda like Jimmy Page) and a Viggo Mortensen type fairly massive forehead that goes back a bit on the sides. As of right now, the only hair styling products I have are Crew Pomade and Ice Strong Grip Hair Gel (from when I had much shorter hair and wanted it hard).

    I've included an example of my regular hair so you can get an idea.
    Example 1
    Example 2

    This is about the closest I have gotten.

    These were actually with the gel and not the pomade. The Crew Pomade seems to yield a similar result except that my hair is then soft, moveable, but pretty greasy/oily feeling (I'm not actually sure if Bale's hair was like that). So far I've only used product on the hair that would otherwise go down my face. Do I want to literally saturate all my hair with stuff like pomade/gel/mousse? I noticed for example that my hair bushes out a bit in the back.

    Maybe it is due to the volume of hair but I often find that unless I use a lot of pomade or gel the hair ends up getting like this:

    Any advice/opinions would be greatly appreciated!

    *Also, in case you're wondering, I did indeed do a search first and I used imageshack and photobucket for the images

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    Default Re: Hair Style: Christian Bale in American Psycho

    My grandfather used to do his hair sortof like Patrick Bateman in Am PSycho, but his hair was shorter in the back.

    What you do is get your hair cut shorter in back and cut about an inch off your bangs. Then take a little bril cream and water and slick the front part of your hair back over your head.

    If you go to most salons, you can show someone how you want your hair to be and continue to go to the same stylist every three weeks and they can help you with the look. Hope this helps

    BTW, American Psycho is one of my favorite movies and I really enjoyed the book too, which is much different. Also fun fact: Leo Dicaprio and stephen baldwin were both considered for the role.
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    Default Re: Hair Style: Christian Bale in American Psycho

    1. He's got a cowlick on his forehead that you haven't got
    2. He's got straight hair, yours is wavy

    Ask a good hairdresser for a shorter cut and reduce the volume. You can use hair gel or bril cream.
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