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    Thumbs down Shower gel goes bad?!

    A few minutes ago, I was in the shower and I reached for the Costes shower gel thinking it would suit the evening nicely. Instead, what I got was the equivalent of leaving milk in the fridge for too long. The gel had turned rancid! No kidding.. it smelled like rotten trash.
    (don't worry, I found solace in another not rancid shower gel and all turned out ok)

    It's only a few months old and about 1/3 used. I can certainly say I'll no longer be purchasing any Costes flanker products (of which there are many).

    Have you ever had a shower gel or other similar product literally go bad?
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    Default Re: Shower gel goes bad?!

    Man, that's odd. I have dozens of gels, a few of them several years old and have yet to have one go off. I'm wondering if it came to you sort of defective and just took a while to make that apparent to you? Not sure what would even be able to go bad in a product like that. Did you contact Costes? As image conscious as they are it's hard to imagine they wouldn't try to make you happy.

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    Default Re: Shower gel goes bad?!

    Does it have any type of vegetable oils present in it? I've never heard of a shower gel going off either, although I'd imagine it's actually more likely to happen with high end gels that feature more natural oils.
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    Default Re: Shower gel goes bad?!

    I've had 3 bottles go bad --2 were Crabtree & Evelyn and one was Dove (really went rancid.)

    As a result I keep a very few (special, discontinued, beloved) perfumed shower gels in the fridge with my perfumes. The rest, the regular stuff (Softsoap, B&BW), is on my linen closet shelf; I try not to stock up too much on these products.

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    Default Re: Shower gel goes bad?!

    The only time this happened was with a bottle of J'Adore showergel. It was the first time I used it after it had been stored for about two years, and though I can't say that it smelled like 'rotten trash', it was bad enough.
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    Default Re: Shower gel goes bad?!

    That's really strange, it never happened to me. But now there is one more reason for which I use Nivea...not expensive and effective.

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