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Thread: YSL Nu....Nu?

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    Default YSL Nu....Nu?

    I received a generous sample of YSL Nu as a free bonus to an order of decants from the Posh Peasant (my first time ordering from them, but it almost certainly won't be my last!).

    Though marketed as a feminine, Nu works as a unisex perfume. It's a nice enough incense fragrance, but its longevity is amazing. I spritzed a very little on the back of my hand and the sweatshirt I was wearing at the time still smells strongly of it three days later!

    I like longevity, but when something lasts this long, I'm not not entirely sure whether it is a good thing or a bad thing. I suppose I should be happy I like the smell...but I'll be very careful where I spray it in the future.
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    Default Re: YSL Nu....Nu?

    actually it's weird....but i have a bottle of this! it's in the closet, in's eau de parfum. i don't use it...haven't used it in's sort of too sweet for me. it's got lavender, and some light suede-ish stuff going on----but it's a bit flowery too, with even a bit of tonka and coffee going on....i dunno. a strange confusing scent that isn't too wearable IMO. kinda cloying too...

    ok. i'll stop now.
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    Default Re: YSL Nu....Nu?

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    Default Re: YSL Nu....Nu?

    I like Nu (the edp) a lot, with the caveat that it's definitely a cold-weather scent. It has similarities to Belle en Rykiel, but BeR has a stronger lavender note. I agree that it can come off as a somewhat busy scent - it's not in the austere incense category.

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    Nu is the only YSL that has disapointed me. Ok, live jazz too.
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    Default Re: YSL Nu....Nu?

    Nu is a heavily synthetic, metallic incense sort of scent. Most scents with a high concentration of synthetics usually have outstanding longevity, especially if you got some of the scent on fabric.

    I wanted to like it, but I after many wearings (from my bottle that I bought blind), I sold it. Just not me.

    One of Tom Ford's first fragrances for YSL, if I remember correctly (or was it his last?).

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