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    Default Does a certain frag remind you of a book?

    Hi, as an avid bookworm and perfume lover, just wanted to know if any of you basenoters out there have a frag that reminds you of a certain book storywise or vice vera. If you can't think of a story that reminds you of a frag "or vice versa" could you please tell me what frags smell like the actual books themselves?

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    Default Re: Does a certain frag remind you of a book?

    Hi there, this is a great question! I hope you have many replies.
    To start the ball rolling, here is information on a scent created with a book in mind.
    Ayala Moriel's L'Ecume des Jours is meant to evoke the novel of the same name, by the French writer Boris Vian. That novel was a landmark in French writing of the 1960's. It is written in a very postmodern, surreal style. Utterly memorable, sadly haunting.
    The scent captures complex notes which have an affinity to the novel in many ways. Visit Ayala's site and find her explanation.
    I have this scent, have read the novel. They each are utterly unique and quite memorable.

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    Default Re: Does a certain frag remind you of a book?

    Well, this is probably obvious, but I can't think of Un Jardin sur le Nil without thinking of Chandler Burr's book about its creation, The Perfect Scent. I don't associate the other scent from that book (SJP Lovely) with it, for some reason.

    I associate Dior Addict EDP with Perfumes: The Guide because of the hilarious review that Tania Sanchez did of that scent in that book. - raging for the machines
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    Default Re: Does a certain frag remind you of a book?

    Guerlain Vetiver is what I imagine Dick Diver from Fitzgerald's Tender is the Night would wear. I think of Guerlain Vetiver when reading the book because I associate it so strongly with Dick Diver.

    Also read the Fragrance & The Arts Series by Michelyn Camen. She has also written the "New in NIche" column for Basenotes as well.

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    Default Re: Does a certain frag remind you of a book?

    Le Labo Patchouli 24 reminds me of leather books in an old library--dry, dusty, leathery, smoky and a bit musty.

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    Default Re: Does a certain frag remind you of a book?

    Guerlain's Djedi, the fragrance of Marion Zimmer Bradley's 'Mists of Avalon', and especially the tragic but strong character of Morgaine.

    And who can read Francoise Sagan's 'La Chamade' without thinking of Guerlain's Chamade?
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