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    Default Supermarket frags

    I posted on the Men's Fragrance Discussion about a Marks & Spencer collection I'd recently bought but no replies so was hoping for better luck here.

    A few exceptions aside, non-designer/niche frags don't seem to merit much attention on Basenotes. One of my favourites is Rapport (formerly by Dana, then Shulton, now Eden Classics), which used to be widely available in UK Boots stores and is still around - yet not a single review on the Basenotes directory, nor any mention of it in the Community forums other than my own entries. I suppose Rapport occupies similar territory to something like Mandate - i.e. not a cheapy fragrance but without the prestige afforded to 'designer' product.

    My question - aside from anyone's opinion of the Marks & Spencer trio of Isis, Harvard and Wood Spice (or Rapport for that matter) - was would department store/non-designer branding dissuade people from investigating further?
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    Default Re: Supermarket frags

    Department store/non-designer branding does not dissuade me at all!

    Actually, I have quite a few "supermarket/drug store" fragrances. I saw your previous thread but did not respond because I am not familiar with Marks & Spencer or Rapport.

    Everyone's drug stores are different so I probably missed a few, but these are the ones I have (***** 5 stars is best):

    4711 Echt Kölnisch Wasser ***
    Antonio ***
    Aqua Velva Ice Blue **
    British Sterling ****
    Brut *
    Canoe *****
    Chaps ****
    Chaz *****
    Clubman *****
    Clubman Special Reserve ****
    English Leather ****
    English Leather Black ***
    Florida Water ****
    Halston Z-14 ***
    Joop! Homme ****
    Jovan Musk for Men ***
    Kanon ****
    Kolnisch Wasser ****
    Lilac Vegetal ****
    Old Spice ****
    PS ****
    Preferred Stock **
    Quorum ****
    Spirit ***
    Tabac Original ****
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    Default Re: Supermarket frags

    Quote Originally Posted by TwoRoads View Post
    Department store/non-designer branding does not dissuade me at all!

    Actually, I have quite a few "supermarket/drug store" fragrances.
    I have to agree with ^--^. If it smells good, is in "my price range" and has longevity, I'll buy it - regardless where I find it. Here in the US, I have bought frags at drug stores (such as CVS, Walgreens, Duane Reade and Rite Aid - discount stores such as Marshall's TJ Maxx, Taget and Walmart - big box stores like Costco or Sam's Club and close-out store like Big Lots.
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