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    Default Re: Narciso Rodriguez 'him'...Compliments in the most unexpected places

    I love this one. It's the latest addition to my wardrobe.
    I have a generous sample of the musc oil and like it but it sits too close to the skin for me to pay the prohibitively high price. Still, I wish I could afford it.
    But the EDT, no question...
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    Default Re: Narciso Rodriguez 'him'...Compliments in the most unexpected places

    Originally Posted by everso
    this stuff smells like bacterial cultures. seriously....i went to the microbiology department in our hospital the other day----and those agar plates growing bacteria smelled like this stuff.....gross!
    Haba, everso!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    NOW you have made me decide to get a bottle. I have been pondering about it for a while, but your "review" has swung it for me.

    Bought a bottle yesterday, and have tested it over the last 30 hours. One word: Beautiful.

    I need to start out by saying that i have learned a valuable lesson to evaluate Reviews rather than try to "average out" the thoughts and opinions of threads such as this (i humbly duck all implements deservedly flung my way ).

    Yes, the similarity to Grey Flannel is there. JUST there. Both scents are totally different interpretations of violet leaf. Grey flannel (from past use of 2 bottles) packs a round-house violet punch while NR tries to talk itself out in dulcet tones.

    I got the wet cement, bacterial culture takes also. There is something earthy and slightly dirty in NR. Could it be the interplay between the musk and patchouli?

    My greatest surprise was the "headache-inducing" opinions which made me approach NR with some masochistic foreboding. Headache? How could it be caused? Okay, i need to disclose that i am a powerhouse-frag junkie. However, NR is relatively mellow on first sniff. Good sillage, but discrete at the same time. It will not cause respiratory emergencies in an elevator. Rather, compliments may fly and addresses may be exchanged. Decent longevity as well.

    I can go on and on but, in summary, NR appears to be much maligned in Basenotes threads. Everyone should sample NR open-mindedly. It appears to be a scent that chooses its friends.

    Thumbs up!
    ointments and perfume delight the heart....


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    Default Re: Narciso Rodriguez 'him'...Compliments in the most unexpected places

    I didn't like mine. I'll sell my bottle if anyone is interested lol.

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    Default Re: Narciso Rodriguez 'him'...Compliments in the most unexpected places

    Quote Originally Posted by sanatik View Post
    did try this today with 4 others and am surprized how different and long it smells. It doesn´t changed much but was stronger at first. Will test it again & have it in my wishlist now.
    Today i could test and liked it again as soon as I tested it.

    I am smelling my wrist after 6 hours, i like it a lot and want to buy "for him".
    "Wow, I've never smelled anything like that before."

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