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    Default Shiseido Has Redone Zen, Yet Again?

    Opened my new issue of Allure and on page 103, there it is. This time done in a gorgeous square gold bottle. Trick is, does it smell as wonderfully mysterious as did the original from 1964? ::she asks doubtfully:: Anyone tried it?
    They're calling this one Zen Gold ;the first/original known as Black, the second Zen is called Pearl.

    Looks like they poured the obligatory 21st century department store fruit notes in there. (btw have you noticed?...the fruits are showing up in niche now, too. Oh well, sometimes they can work beautifully, sometimes, not.) Even with the apple (ack) and the pineapple (ook), I'll want to try it.

    "The floral, fresh woody, amber fragrance was created by Robertet's perfumer Michel Almairac."
    top notes ~ grapefruit, bergamot, peach, pineapple, blue rose;
    mid notes ~ freesia, gardenia, red apple, violet, lily of the valley, hyacinth, rose from China ,lotus flower
    base notes ~ patchouli, cedar, musk, white musk, amber, incense, marine plant.
    "The notes of rose from China and lotus flower are used for their traditional calming properties, according to the company.
    The "blue rose" springs from the marriage of a rose and violet, according to Almairac, who explained, "It has a very particular odor — a lemony note."

    ...a special thank you to those who sent me the BN HTML chart.

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    Default Re: Shiseido Has Redone Zen, Yet Again?

    I saw this too, but no smelling strip. Seems like a completely different fragrance- I'd wish they'd stop already and just give them different names. I do have the classic, and never got a chance to try the second one.
    I'm eager to read a review of the newest as well, as I tend to enjoy Shiseido fragrances.

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    Default Re: Shiseido Has Redone Zen, Yet Again?

    I have tried this one and I really like it. I have to give it another skin test before I decide to buy it though.

    It seems to me like these are 3 different scents, hence they all have different names....Zen Gold, Zen Pearl, Zen Black. So my guess is it isn't a reformulation of the original, but just another scent in a line of frags. Just like Guerlain's L'instant has a number of frags under this name, but they are all different. I haven't smelled the pearl or the black. So, I can't really say whether they attempted to recreate the original. I can say that this new one smells very good. My 1st 2 skin tests came out different. So, I have to try it again.
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    Default Re: Shiseido Has Redone Zen, Yet Again?

    It seems to me like these are 3 different scents, hence they all have different names
    yes, they're entirely separate fragrances...but with the same name on the bottle. lol. drives a woman to confusion when companies do this. My message isn't clear as I re-read. I asked if it smells as "wonderfully mysterious" as the original, but I was fairly sure (positive after viewing the notes) that this was in fact... Zen #3, not a remake. I wish Shiseido had just put Zen Gold and Zen Pearl on the bottles...that would have been OK, not great, but OK.
    anyway, we'll try it. (had someone ask for a sample for me at Macy's yesterday, the SA said they had none and would mail me one. un-hunh, I'll wait by the box. )
    I can appreciate the new bottle, again, prefer the original matte black with it's golden design & golden writing.

    I will order a sample of Gold from eBay someday and try it out.

    P.S. Try the original if you get a chance. truly a unique, well-done fragrance, and absolutely worthy of it's name.
    I have one sample of it left. It does come on the Bay often, so I may invest in another bottle one day.
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