It's Christmas coming... and that sounds like a great opportunity to splurge out a little bit and get a new frag. However, I am in dillemma - which one to get On my shortlist there are:

  • Viktor & Rolf Antidote
  • Christian Dior Pour Homme
  • Prada Amber Pour Homme
  • Gaultier2
  • Alexander McQueen Kingdom

Decissions. Decissions... I wondered if you could help me a bit. To get you an idea about my previous choices... My all time favourite is Gucci Pour Homme. I also use YSL M7 for winter nights out. Have a bottle of Live Jazz and Aigner Black. I love bit darker scents, nothing too light or too generic. I love the soapy, barbershop smell of Rive Gauche.I work in performing arts, I am tall guy, with a beard or at least a stubble. Mac user. Jeans, shirts, blazers, messenger bag... Urban type...

Thanks for all the help.