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    Lightbulb Samples Test

    Yesterday I wasn't in work as I've had time ill and used the time to contact some fragrance companies directly for samples - all with varying success! I'll list the companies I've tried, how I contacted them, the success that I had and what they actually sent - will update as they arrive!

    Surge Lutens - Phoned - Sending me out a book of samples to try - Recieved a book of solid samples of each of their fragrances (Not opened but think I can rub them on me!)
    Caron - Phoned - Sending me out some samples to try - Received 7 samples
    Miller Harris - eMail - replied back telling me I could have 3-5 samples and which ones would I like - 4 1.6ml Samples
    Jo Malone - eMail - replied back saying I could have 2 samples and which would I like - 2 2ml Samples recieved
    Estee Lauder - eMail - Told me to go to a local department store where I could try them
    Frederic Malle/Editions de Parfums - Website message/eMail - Recommended 3 fragrances that I might like based on my preferences and told me that I could get these form their website
    Bond no. 9 - Website - Tried to order samples from their website but with shipping of $150 to the UK for $15 worth of samples I thought not...
    Creed - eMail - Directed me to Les Senteurs
    Matthew Willamson - eMail - Told me that they have cancelled their fragrance line
    Floris - eMail - Emailed me very quickly back to say that they would send some samples in the post - Received 8 2ml Samples
    Jean Patou - eMail - Replied to say they had received the eMail but nothing so far
    Le Labo - eMail - Replied to say that I could buy three 5ml samples for $52
    L'Artisan Parfumer eMail - Replied telling me thhey would send me some samples by 1st class post and I should receive them soon and gave me a phone number to ring if there were any problems - 30 1ml Samples!
    Mary Kay - eMail - Referred me to a seller in Manchester who rang me to say that she only had one sample, only would talk to me about male fragrances and couldn't talk very long as she was late for university!!
    Hermes - eMail - Told me that their samples were reserved for professional use and that I should pop in to one of their boutiques where they would be able to give me samples
    Tom Ford - no way so far of getting in contact with him (though I do wish I had his personal number )
    Penhaligan's - sell a sample set on their website
    Thierry Mugler - message through their website - no reply yet
    The Different Company - eMail - No reply yet
    By Kilian - message via their website - No reply yet
    Parfum d'Empire - message via their website - eMailed me in french (eek had to dust of the old GCSE french knowledge!) I think saying that I could have 10 samples for €10 if I sent them a cheque.
    Parfums de Nicolaï - phoned - they said they currently had no samples and i would have to come in to the store (I really want to try New York!)
    Ormonde Jayne - Do a sample program of 11 scents at eau de parfum strength for £35
    L'Occitane - eMail - Allow you to choose samples if you buy but am still waiting to hear from them - Received 7 Sachet Samples
    Jean-Charles Brosseau - message via their website - no reply yet
    Annick Goutal - eMail - No reply yet
    Etro - eMail - No reply yet
    Alexander McQueen - message via website - no reply yet
    Diptyque - Forgot I'd contacted these and recieved 11 2ml samples!

    I will keep adding to this list as I try other companies!

    The main reason that I'm interested in doing this is that lots of companies sell on line but don't seem to have an obvious way of you trying the fragrance. So for someone like my mum who lives in the middle of nowhere, how is she supposed to try before buying on line? It's not so bad for me as I live in Manchester but even so there are some houses that are only based in London.
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    Default Re: Samples Test

    Wow. I got exhausted just reading about your very enterprising day! You most certainly deserve samples. You worked for them!

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    lol, I'm a bit weird, even when I'm ill I can't stand to be doing nothing!

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    I can't imagine being that industrious, even when I'm well . Thank you for sharing the results with us. I haven't been enterprising enough to get free samples. Just to have more info in the same place, these are some of the places I've bought samples from:

    - Les Senteurs - some were manufacturer's samples, in sprayers, others they'd done themselves, and they were just in vials, which I don't like as much. They were mostly £2.50 per sample.
    -I've also bought samples from the German site, Aus Liebe Zum Duft (the site is in English too ), and they are a nice generous size (2.5 ml?) and in sprayers - very good. Theirs were mostly 3-4€ per sample. I've had very good service from both places.
    - I bought samples from Frederic Malle's site too. I think it was about 10€ for the three.
    - Parfums de Rosine - 18€ for a complete sample set.
    - - can't remember the price, you can order six, and get about 5ml of each, with the bottles packaged in a little wooden box.
    - The Perfumed Court - they're usually a bit more expensive, but have an amazing range. I think it's worth getting the 1.5ml atomiser samples rather than the 1ml vial, because I find I get a much better idea of a scent when I can spray it.

    Also, check out the sales lists on BN, and notice the members who have "off BN sales" links in their signatures, because that often means they sell 5 or 10 ml decants (and sometimes smaller samples too), usually at pretty reasonable prices, which is another way to sample more things without having to buy full bottles. Several of them are UK/Europe based.

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    You should also try Histoires de Parfums sampler pack.
    Seek not the favor of the multitude; it is seldom got by honest and lawful means. But seek the testimony of few; and number not voices, but weigh them. - Immanuel Kant

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    i'll have to phone Serge Lutens

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    Well today I received:-

    Floris - 8 2ml samples
    Diptyque - 11 2ml samples
    L'Occitaine - 7 Sachet Samples

    Doing quite well so far!

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    Today I recieved:

    Jo Malone - 2 2ml Samples
    Miller Harris - 4 1.6ml Sampls
    Surge Lutens - A book of solid samples of each of their fragrances (Not opened but think I can rub them on me!)

    But best of all...

    L'Artisan Parfumer - 30 1ml Samples!
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    Just got 7 samples from Caron

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    30 samples from L'artisan, that's not bad! I contacted them a while ago, but haven't received an answer yet... It's just to ask them nicely I suppose

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