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Thread: backup bottle

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    Default backup bottle

    Why some of you keep a backup bottle in stock?

    I can understand a fear for your fragrance being discontinued. What are other reasons?
    I mean, you can always go back to the store and buy a "fresh" one. Perhaps one gets such a good deal that decides to take advantage of it and buy two bottles (??)
    Not having to worry about buying that one any time soon?

    One for wearing and one for the "permanent" collection?
    I am curious to know your reasons.
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    Default Re: backup bottle

    My backups were because the scent I love was discontinued.

    Most other people might have picked their 2nd and 3rd bottles up at a heavily reduced price (sales and so on).
    It makes no sense paying full retail price when you run out, if you can find several bottles for less than the price of one. In this regard, it makes perfect sense to have multiple bottles.

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    Default Re: backup bottle

    Most of my backups are for scents that I like that have been discontinued or are otherwise hard to find. The most bottles I own of one scent are four, of Ungaro II.

    And like Dimitri mentioned, I too have bought the odd extra bottle here and there because of great prices, but otherwise I don't see the need to buy backup bottles of scents still in production.

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    Default Re: backup bottle

    Reformulation fear, mostly.

    I did it with two frags. Unfortunately, one of them was already altered.

    The "fresh bottle" is kind of a myth, imho. I much prefer a nicely stored vintage bottle of any frag.

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    Default Re: backup bottle

    I've thought about buying backup bottles, but I'd rather buy 100mls. The most I've ever taken out of a cologne bottle is about half of a 75ml bottle of Cool Water. I've had it for years, and at one point was using it every day. 100mls are more than enough unless you're honestly spraying more than 4 times every day. (I know my Antaeus 100ml will last forever.)
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    Default Re: backup bottle

    Quote Originally Posted by smeller View Post
    Reformulation fear, mostly.

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    Default Re: backup bottle

    I have only back up bottle of Ungaro II in 3.4 for future trading purposes.

    I use my 2.5 bottle of Ungaro II for wearing and don't need 2 bottles of it. I have so much different juice it's becoming stupid and there's no way I can ever wear all of it in my lifetime.

    So.......when the time comes to swap for my next "juice-of-the-moment", I have Ungaro II as trade bait.

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    Default Re: backup bottle

    the ones i have are either discontinued or VERY hard to find.

    the only scents i have backed up are:

    Helmut Langs: all of their scents...they're all discontinued, and they're all amazing.
    Knize Ten: because it's often tough to find in the US. it is not discontinued, and from what i know not that hard to find in Europe and middle east....

    people backing up common designer scents is just silly...dunno why people think Cool Water is some rare, extraordinary scent that deserves having backup bottles for...
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    Default Re: backup bottle

    Well, I only keep back-ups of discontinuations (L'Air 100ml), reformulations (Chergui, although not everyone will agree with this one) and limited editions (which SDV formerly was). My only exception is a second bottle of Gris Clair, but I got it BNIB for two-thirds of the retail price.

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    Default Re: backup bottle

    My only back-up is Gucci pour Homme, which is practically impossible to find in stores here and it was massively reduced in a store (100ml for 11!!).
    I managed to find a bottle of the shower gel in a department store here which I paid more for than I did the fragrance.

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