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Thread: Soprano´s fans

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    Default Soprano´s fans

    I am a big fan of the sopranos, must be one of the best or the best show ever, but I am not THAT much fan to buy Paolo per uomo (although maybe it is good, who knows)
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    Actor Tony Sirico, aka Paulie Walnuts, launched his new cologne, Paolo Per Uomo (Paul for Men) a few nights ago at a bash in TriBeCa. Advertised under the catchphrase "Make It Known You Mean Business," the cologne is sold in a dark blue and gray bottle with a gray streak, to match Sirico's trademark coif. Asked what makes the cologne smell good, Sirico said they put some "cognac in it -- and it made the magic." There also are plans for Paulie-branded deodorant, aftershave, and other hygiene products. The cologne is not yet available in stores but will sell for $64.
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    Default Re: Soprano´s fans

    I thought this was a joke at first......

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    Default Re: Soprano´s fans

    I'd buy it if it were any good.

    Let's face it, Pauli Walnuts may have some personaility flaws and character defects, but at the end of the day he's mainly all about Loyalty, Patriotism and Cleanliness.

    I'm wondering if one day he'll put out a book on his principals of Small Business Management.
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