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    Default A friend needs help

    Hi guys

    One of my friends here is getting into perfumes a little and he likes Arabie by Serge Lutens and also L´air du desert marocain. The latter he likes even more than Arabie.

    He wants to know if he could find mainstream perfumes that are like these and I could only think of Terre d´Hermes. He is going to heathrow (airport) soon and he hopes he could find a lot of mainstream perfumes there. you have any recommendations that could be found at Heathrow airport?
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    It's an interesting dilemma in that there aren't any smell-alikes to those two....especially in the mainstream section.
    (and personally I don't see the connection with Terre d'Hermes in olfactory terms, unless you mean it in terms of artistry/quirkiness in which case I agree).

    I might suggest if your friend is uninhibited he tries Kenzo Jungle Elephant (which has some of the plummy cedar-iness of the Lutens line), Rochas Femme (the new edition has some of the cumin and spices in the Lutens I feel) and Gucci pour Homme (an amber with an incense trail to it).

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    Default Re: A friend needs help

    These are not identical, but these are just as good (if not better) than lAdDM
    Chanel Egoiste, and Edition Balanche
    Hynose Lancome.
    Habit Rouge Legere
    The third Man
    Dior Homme
    Bulgari Black.
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