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    Default Basenotes note pyramid information


    Already posted this one in the forums but didn't get an answer...
    SirSlarty was kind enough to point out that I should ask this question in the community center..

    Can anyone tell me where the basenotes information on a fragrance's notes comes from?
    ( the pyramid that is found just underneath the perfume name in the fragrance directory).

    I bought several mini's to try out and looking up the notes on the internet I've come across a few conflicting note pyramids depending on the website.

    I found great information on perfumes both on and on
    I could imagine a few minor differences, but sometimes these two sites give a completely different pyramid!

    For example the dreamer, but also Guerlain's Vetiver and probably many others:

    The dreamer by versace - on basenotes:
    Top: Juniper, Lily
    Middle: Iris
    Base: Tobacco, Amber, Tarragon

    The dreamer by versace - on
    Top: Clary sage, Lavander, Mandarin, Mace
    Middle:Tobacco, Geranium, Carnation, Rose
    base:Vetiver, cedar, Tonka, Fir
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    Default Re: Basenotes note pyramid information

    I regularly consult six sites for pyramid information (,,,,,

    I don't know where they obtain their information and they rarely agree with each other.

    To me, the most reliable site is It is in Estonian. I use two online Estonian/English translation sites and the list compiled by scentemental that was posted in the recent thread: Fragrance Notes?
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