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    Default Miniature Bottle Collecting

    Hello to all basenote members,

    is there anybody interested in collecting miniature perfume bottles, especially
    female perfumes?
    Im a perfume and fragrance victim for several years; collecting minis is a good way
    for me to get the expensive and most precious perfumes,too.
    Generally, Im interested in all female perfumes, also the cheaper fragrances.
    If anyone would like to join, please start by watching my endless fragrance and
    perfume wardrobe.My mini collection isnt yet listed, it will follow the next days.
    Very thanks for reading this and feel free to reply,


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    Default Re: Miniature Bottle Collecting

    Hi Irielle - and welcome!

    My mum, wife and I also collect minis. I think weve around 600 at this point in time, but as Im sure is the case with your own mini collection, this number expancs on a weekly basis
    Here are a couple of pics taken a few years ago. We've since added an additional shelving unit for the collection, and our focus these days are on rare vintage minis. We have both mens and ladies scents.

    Id love to see you post a few pics of yours too


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    Default Re: Miniature Bottle Collecting

    Hey Irielle I glad you loike collecting minatures, i also collect minatures but I was wandering why can you find some brands of perfumes in minature form on discount perfume sites but can't find them in minature form in the stores.

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    Default Re: Miniature Bottle Collecting

    Hi Lightgreen!
    Very thanks for watching my wardrobe!
    Because of the huge listing of all fragrances I may have forgotten some brands or could not
    remember . I will correct it soon.
    I hope you will reply again. Perhaps you want to get some of mine or I want some of yours.

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    Default Re: Miniature Bottle Collecting

    Hi Dimitri!
    I was very happy to get your reply and to watch your pictures. Unfortunately, I currently dont
    have the possibility to make any photos, too. But I hope to stay in contact with you and your family.
    Perhaps we can change some minis from each other. Today I start to list my minis in my

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