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    Default Dreamer Vs. Desire

    Both scents seem captivating and I think they smell real similar, which you think is better? They both have the vanilla tone which is amazing and sensual. Lady compliments like hell from both fragrances.
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    Default Re: Dreamer Vs. Desire

    If you mean Dunhill's Desire, then I really don't get the comparison. To me, they are worlds apart. Desire starts off very fruity, going through a rosewood phase and eventually dries down to a fruity vanilla. Dreamer starts off with a shock! To me the opening smells like concentrated essence of dark, bitter chocolate. Tobacco then appears, eventually drying down to a vanilla base. I get a hint of tobacco throughout Desire too. Just grasping at straws here, trying to figure out why you think they're similar. That's the great thing about fragrances, they all play their own little tune for each of us.

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    Default Re: Dreamer Vs. Desire

    For me, Desire is a sweet, somewhat "synthetic" (can't place the notes) frag dominated by teak. Dreamer is nasty for a while, then dries down to a vanilla musk with tobacco. I think Black Walnut is better than Dreamer, and I created my own concoction that's quite close to this kind of frag. I wouldn't compare Desire and Dreamer, though, but I can see how someone unfamiliar with teak, for example, might. It took me a while to get the teak. I thought of it as tobacco-ish for a while too.

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    Default Re: Dreamer Vs. Desire

    Their smell and style are very different IMO.
    Dreamer is about a tobacco vanilla combination and its style is of a casual scent for a free spirited guy. Desire is something with a British refinement and have a romantic classy style I think.
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    Default Re: Dreamer Vs. Desire

    The two have nothing in common. I own both and have never compared the two.

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