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    Default Three Blind Buys

    Taking advantage of's holiday fragrance pricing, I just bought three fragrances blind:

    Bogart's Witness
    Caron's 3rd Man
    Rochas' Moustache

    The total was under $70 (including shipping). A good deal, hopefully made better by my actually liking the scents when they arrive! ;-)

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    Default Re: Three Blind Buys

    Well, if you like lavender, I think you'll really enjoy Witness. I bought several bottles a couple of months ago, since it was inexpensive, yet discontinued (so I didn't want the price to jump on me). I just blind bought Jacomo Silver. It's great but I don't know that I've ever sampled such a light, subtle fragrance. I'm wondering if it's me, because it's hard to believe that they'd market something with so little power behind it. I'll sample it a couple more times before writing up a review.

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    Default Re: Three Blind Buys

    The 3rd Man is a masterpiece. A slightly sweet, jasmine fougere. One of the greats. Reeks of understated class.Enjoy it.

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    Default Re: Three Blind Buys

    gosh I have not smelled Witness since I owned a bottle back in 1993 - I believe I bought it in JCPenney back then...

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    Default Re: Three Blind Buys

    Initial reports:

    Caron 3me Homme: Wow. A classic indeed and my favorite of these three blind buys. For some reason I really wasn't sure what to expect from this, but I love it. Will become part of my regular rotation.

    Moustache: A second cousin (great uncle?) of Eau Sauvage. Similar structure, very different opening (Moustache has no basil and different citrus), similar drydown. At any rate, you can certainly tell the same nose was behind these two. I'll need to spray them side-by-side for a better comparison. Like it a lot.

    Witness: I agree with much of what's been written about this one around here. The opening is nothing to write home about, but it pretty quickly settles into a very pleasant cinnamon chypre. Very nice, especially for the firesale prices that this discontinued perfume is going for these days.

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