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    Default Anyone Take Advantage of the 25% Off Deal?...r/o

    (the code is listed on their home page. not affiliated & all that silly stuff.)
    I was just, , window shopping and this one called my name: I don't have a black tea scent, think I could like this.

    any comments on? ...
    Secret Intention
    created in 2000 by Jean-Paul Guerlain as a limited edition fragrance.
    notes ~ bergamot, lemon, Ceylon tea, cardamom, coriander, jasmine, peony, neroli, sandalwood, Tonka bean, vanilla,
    "this is primarily a scent of black tea infused with tangy berries, fruits and subtle flowers"

    Do any damage yourselves?
    these codes are dangerous.

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    Default Re: Anyone Take Advantage of the 25% Off Deal?...r/o

    I decided to pick up a small bottle of Lalique Flora Bella based on positive reviews in Perfume Smellin' Things and the Guide. I think the normal price was about $25 so not a huge risk. And it's very nice! A chilly, milky-peppery floral by Bertrand Douchafour. Almost like a more floral, sweet L'Eau d'Hiver. I'm often disappointed by cheap finds, especially unsniffed ones, so this was a great discovery!

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