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    Default Noobie introduction; my story

    Back in 1991 I received a "gift" of Drakkar Noire from my gal pal at the time. In 1996 or so, I purchased a closeout bottle of Michael Jordan's cologne from Sportmart (never a good sign).

    I'm 39 now, and I've been too embarrased to wear either of those 2 colognes with any regularity. The Drakkar can be smelled from about 50 feet away, and I figured that 5$ michael jordan cologne probably smells like... 5$ cologne?

    So I'm new to this world. I don't have a good sense of smell, at least I don't think I do, but then again, I haven't really worked at it either.

    I asked around, and purchased the following, which are still in transit via UPS:
    Bvgari Avqa
    Armani Aqua di Giro
    Armani Black Code
    Burberry Brit

    I made these selections before finding Basenotes. Basically researched "" and "mens health" along with reading a bulletin board or 2.

    In hindsite, it looks like the Bvgari and Burberry are the 2 keepers.

    About me: 39yo white dood, computer programmer, avid runner and hockey player. Never schooled in the arts of "playing the field", always been an outgoing happy guy with a sense of humor and penchant for being mediocre in a lot of sports. Recomendations...?

    So I hope to improve my stock of scents, and learn the proper vocabulary for talking about male colognes.

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    Default Re: Noobie introduction; my story

    Before you open them when they arrive, perhaps you should go to a store and smell them? Go to a Sephora if you have one around you. They are cool with you playing with their testers and their SAs are usually helpful and not pushy. Spray the tester on paper first and sniff that. If you like it, spray some on your wrist. Let it sit for half a minute before you sniff it.

    That way you can decide for yourself if you like them. If you don't, they are not opened yet and maybe you can return them?

    The Aqua, Code, and Brit are my personal favorite from the list. However everyone has different preferences and it may also smell different on your skin.
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    Default Re: Noobie introduction; my story

    Welcome, and thanks for sharing an excellent story! Your gal pal gifted you with the Drakkar Noir on the downward curve of its popularity. It was all the rage in So. Cal. in the mid-80s. I think that it's still relevant today, but I think that to work it needs to be very lightly applied. Perhaps a single spray walk-through method.

    I agree that it would be useful to get to a store to try your incoming scents. You won't be able to return them if you've already opened them. Aqua would cover your warmer weather needs pretty well, while Brit will work best for cooler weather.


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    Default Re: Noobie introduction; my story

    Welcome JaeBeam, I think the Burberry & Bulgari are good choices.
    Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.

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    Default Re: Noobie introduction; my story

    You're going to love Brit, yeah. The other choices are great too. Don't let people get to you when they say a fragrance is too "common." The truth is, fragrances smell different on everybody's skin.

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    Default Re: Noobie introduction; my story

    Welcome JaeBeam! Any relation to Jim? I got excited because at first I thought maybe you were my husband (he's a runner, ex-athlete, computer programmer), I thought maybe he developed a sudden interest in fragrance. But no...he's much older than you. I agree with what the others have said, go out to a department store or Sephora and test the fragrances you bought to see which ones you like. That way, you can return the ones you don't. I tested Bulgari Aqua today as a matter of fact. I was considering buying it for my stepfather. I had read mostly good reviews of it here on Basenotes, but I decided against it. It just didn't wow me, though I thought it was pleasant, and I love the bottle and color. I quite like Burberry Brit. I bought a bottle of that for my husband, but he never wears it. Anyway, welcome again!

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    Default Re: Noobie introduction; my story

    The thought of going to a department store and going thru the process of spraying stuff on cards, waiting for 45 minutes to gauge the "base notes" is intimidating to a guy with no experience.

    Since a card interacts differently than skin regardless, I figured the only way to really test a fragrance is one at a time, over a few days, and you have to wait a few hours to really get the experience.

    Too much travel to the mall! So I got the Bvgari Avqa, Curve, Code and AdG today while at work. Put on the Bvgari Avqa, and I like it much better than the Drakkar, particularly after the first 5 minutes are over.

    Thanks for the advice and warm welcome. I can tell this will be a fun endeavor, and will last for quite some years!

    I am a bourbon man, but no relation to Jim Now, I wish I was a relative of Basil Hyden!

    So here is a question for the experienced folks; whats a good cologne to wear while enjoying a high end bourbon or scotch, various settings are ok. Irish Pub vs Steak house vs Sofa next to your partner etc.

    Anyways, it sounds like I have a few good "gateway" fragrences to play with the next few weeks.

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    Default Re: Noobie introduction; my story

    Hey! Welcome and good story.
    Get rid of the Curve, it's possibly the worst frag ever, and you are too old for it. (Long story)
    Brit and Code are brothers (maybe half or step, but related nonetheless)
    Aqua di Gio...smells good...too many people wear it though...definately a once-in-a-whiler.
    Bulgari Aqua is a nice spring/summer daytimer.

    I can't imagine any of these with Jim Beam...especially if you are wearing it becuase of the scotch? Try Michael by Michael for on the couch with special someone after work.
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