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    Default Broken Bulgari Black Sprayer

    HELP! My Bulgari Black Atomizer is on the fritz. Any help? I remember a thread years ago that covered this.

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    Default Re: Broken Bulgari Black Sprayer

    This normally comes from improper use of the sprayer, or attempting to spray hurriedly when the nozzle has been turned to the OFF position.

    When I worked with Bvlgari, we constantly had a stream of customers screw up the caps on our Black testers. I haven't handled one in several years so I'm going from memory here, but we found by removing the dial cap completely (turning it carefully, and pulling up sharply), we were then able to look at the underside of the cap/sprayer at the locking mechanism, and replace the cap properly again (I recall pressing down with the flat of my hand and my weight evenly distributed, until I heard a satisfying click) . Its important that you try and be as non-destructive with these parts as possible.
    In the worst case scenario, where you might have removed the dial nozzle, and cannot get it back on again... have a hunt through your other scent bottles for a standard sprayer that will fit over the protruding hose sticking out of the top of the bottle. Often they will fit, and pump the juice effectively. Of course using the same sprayer on 2 bottles will contaminate the scents a little at first, so you have to be prepared to make some compromises.

    Good luck.
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    Default Re: Broken Bulgari Black Sprayer

    you could break the bottle on concrete, and then rub yourself into the ground. that would be glorious.

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    Default Re: Broken Bulgari Black Sprayer

    Yeah, that spritzer always means trouble. Is anything still coming out, like maybe not in a mist but in a small stream?

    You can always decant it in several atomizers and toss the bottle away.

    I prefer the looks of the original spritzer, but the testers' spritzer, like in Dimi's photo, are more reliable.
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    Default Re: Broken Bulgari Black Sprayer

    I bought two bottles of this recently from different sources, and neither have a locking mechanism...just a plain stopper that you pull off. I take it they've finished with those?
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    Default Re: Broken Bulgari Black Sprayer

    I personally think you should try returning them.

    Bvlgari should have pulled this mechanism from the bottle a LONG time ago and replaced it. One shouldn't have to do surgery on it because one shouldn't have to put on kid gloves in order to spray the damn scent in the first place.

    My sprayer stopped working as well.
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    Default Re: Broken Bulgari Black Sprayer

    I think this is what you were looking for:

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