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    Default True Star tommy hilfiger

    I recently got my hands on a bottle of this. I don't recall it ever being popular but I was very surprised by this one. Its nice in the opening .very wet and citrusy . Then it turns into a melange of god knows what. Overall I am liking it. Was anyone else into this one?

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    Default Re: True Star tommy hilfiger

    I agree that it's a very wet opening, but to me it's always smelled of gone-off aloe vera juice. Sorry!

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    Default Re: True Star tommy hilfiger


    True star.. this was one of the first colognes i owned.
    Haven't used it in years, but after i saw this thread topic i decided to try it again..
    When i first started out with colognes, i liked it alot, now it smells cheap (to my spoiled nose anyway).
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    Default Re: True Star tommy hilfiger

    cheapo version of Tom Ford Tuscan Leather, with it's citrus and leather. Leather isn't listed as a note, but I'll be damned if this isn't a "citrus-leather" fragrance!

    Respectable, especially in relative comparison to a lot of other designer scents, but nothing to write home about. The bottle is kind of lame, and the Enrique Iglesias endorsement isn't helping things.
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    wow, nice to see this thread...kinda brings back memories of old collection...i actually got this as a gift from our visiting VP...not bad but, talk about compliments? damn, lots of them. seems it has pretty good sillage.... not bad atall...a 30 ml wud be always nice to have....
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