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    I'm a little confused by the presence of two Joséphine's in the directory -- one by Rancé and one by Rancé 1795

    If one clicks on the house-link for each, they both link to the same place.
    Is there a difference? Is one a reformulation perhaps? Or is this an accidental double-entry?

    My manufacturer's sample vial of Joséphine does not list Rancé 1795 as its house. Instead it says "Rancé & C. s.r.l. Milano Italia Made in Italy".

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    My wife has a bottle of this for sale in the marketplace.
    I believe it must be an accidental double-entry. The labeling of their bottles, and also their website, is a little ambiguous.
    Here is the link.

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    Thanks, Dimitri. I'm guessing it is an accidental double-entry.

    Lovely vanilla floral. For sale???

    mira187 is your wife? She of the yummy banana lemon cake?
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