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    Default Thoughts on Waterford Lismore? Sounds good. ...r/o

    ~ notes of water lily, freesia, ylang-ylang, Bulgarian rose, mandarin, carnation, peony, jasmine, vanilla, woods, musk and violet.

    mmm, carnation.

    Was just searching the Bay for samples, but not yet. I'm early I guess.

    The bottle looks pretty, don't know about Waterford-pretty, but nice; it reminds me of the Jess bottle.

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    Default Re: Thoughts on Waterford Lismore? Sounds good. ...r/o

    I just blind-bought this for my wife at TJ Maxx for Christmas. Just $24.99 for the 1.7 perfume. Check it out...
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    Default Re: Thoughts on Waterford Lismore? Sounds good. ...r/o

    huh? I didn't know Waterford is now into fragrances. I love the Waterford Lismore crystal though.
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    Default Re: Thoughts on Waterford Lismore? Sounds good. ...r/o

    Well I tested this at Bloomies a week or so ago. I am not big on florals. This to me was not impressive at all. I wasn't expecting much because I mean come on, they make crystal not perfume. I commented in the purchase thread also. It just smells like a floral air freshner to me. I don't get like a perfume type smell from it. I just sprayed it on the test strip. I didn't do a skin test. I mean you can't go up in a chinese restaurant and get mad cause you don't like the way the pizza taste. I think a person who loves florals may "like" this, but I won't be sqeezing out any place on my vanity for this one.
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