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    Default Re: Overpowering top notes with great drydown ?

    I would concur with Yatagan - although I like the opening but the drydown is lovely.

    Habit Rouge scared the living crap out of me first time I smelled it. But thereafter it was a deep and abiding love affair. That drydown was created on Mount Olympus by the gods themselves.

    I like the opening of Heritage to be honest, but can see that it could overpower the uninitiated. In fact it has done once or twice when I have first put it on. The drydown is one of the all time greats however.

    I also agree with Hammam Bouquet, which I absolutely hated the first time I encountered it, but it now is one of my all time favourites.

    Another one which is a big muscly punch in the face is Lagerfeld Classic in its original formulation. I am led to believe that this may have been reformulated fairly recently, because I sampled this in a shop recently and it was sooo much tamer. My bottle is a couple of years old and it still smacks you down with a piledriver like the Undertaker before turning into one of the warmest and comfortingly solid drydowns out there.
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    Default Re: Overpowering top notes with great drydown ?

    for me I find that this is impossible, because when I love the fragrance (because of the drydown) I tend to learn to love the topnotes as well, even if at first test they were not to my liking! I suppose its like a reward system conditioning lol

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    Default Re: Overpowering top notes with great drydown ?

    Lapidus pour homme has a great, sweet leather/honey drydown, but I still don't like the harsh opening.

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    Default Re: Overpowering top notes with great drydown ?

    Malle's Musc Ravageur - totally hate the cinnamon-clove in the opening, swear that I'd rather die than having to smell it again. But once the drydown comes with heavenly musk, it makes me want to spray more....

    Tauer's L'Air du desert marocain - openning with tar, smells like a bad joke when I first sampled it. But the drydown tells me that it's one of the greatest scent I've ever smelled. Now I no longer hate tar.

    Parfumerie Generale's 08 Intrigant Patchouli - big dose of patchouli in your face, almost unbearable. But you don't need till the drydown for the interesting part. Like 60 seconds later, I already discover a lot of different notes: ginger, cinnamon, musk, spices, sandalwood, etc.... Notes fade in and fade out, leaving you intrigued to have another sniff, and each sniff give you another face of the scent: dark, warm, woodsy, woodsy, animalic, etc.... The drydown is comforting, while still remains it complexity.

    Edit: another scent with overwpowering top notes which I love is SL's Arabie. Unfortunately it is the heavy cloud of spices/dates/honey that I love in the opening, the drydown seems too much powdery for my taste.
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    Default Re: Overpowering top notes with great drydown ?

    Quote Originally Posted by scentsitivity View Post
    I think Bois du Portugal is more potent in the opening than I would like, but the dry down is super.
    I totally agree - I normally won't wear BdP because the opening lavender blast smells like an accidental broken bottle spill in the fragrance ailse. But the drydown is so smoothe, dry and distinctive - incredible.
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    Default Re: Overpowering top notes with great drydown ?

    Vintage Tabarone


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    Default Re: Overpowering top notes with great drydown ?

    Paul Smith Story -- very astringent on the topnotes, smelling directly from the bottle is almost painful, but after 10 minutes it's oh so amazing.
    (and ridiculously cheap too! ivy, vetiver, mmmmm)

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    Default Re: Overpowering top notes with great drydown ?

    Prada's Infusion d'Homme. Citrus face-slap on application.
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    Default Re: Overpowering top notes with great drydown ?

    Knize Ten starts unremarkable on my skin, REL by Creed downright unpleasant, Tabac Original- extremely smokey and powdery, Vetiver by Guerlain, as a burst of medical notes- yet they all turn into something sublime, at least after giving them at least 15-20 minutes for the drydown, all of them in different, yet always surprising ways.

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