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    Default Recommend me a fragrance for my better half

    She is not as into fragrances as I am. She is more into makeup. She likes D&G light blue, Victoria Secret Super model, Vera Wang Princess,TM Angel, and Victoria secret heavenly. She told me that she likes Jo Malone Orange Blossum. I may get her that but is there any other suggestions. She also doesn't want something to strong and offensive because she will be wearing it to work. She is also about 30 yrs old.

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    Default Re: Recommend me a fragrance for my better half

    I would go with the Jo Malone Orange Blossom, since you know she likes it, and you can buy complementary JM scents to layer with it for future gifts. They don't have to be worn together, some people like to wear one during the day and another at night, or just switch off for more variety. That could make a great start to her collection, I'm sure she'd love that. Jo Malone had an area on the website with ideas for layering the individual scents, which they were created to do nicely. It was down the other day, I'll check to see if it's back up, so you can look.... brb.

    Yes, it's working. Go to, click on "The Art of Fragrance Combining," then click on "fragrance combining menu" and then the individual scent for more ideas.
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    Default Re: Recommend me a fragrance for my better half

    Angel Innocent? Prada infusion d' Iris? Pure Poison?

    She has lots of variety! It's tough to see commonalities in the scents she's wearing. I am surprised to see Angel among the other choices, though, as that seems more potent compared with the others. The Jo Malone doesn't have very good lasting power, but it does smell lovely.

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    Default Re: Recommend me a fragrance for my better half

    I probably will go with Jo Malone. Thank you everyone for your responses.

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