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    Default newb and tried Dior Homme

    Hello all! I'm new the frag world. I've been addicted to basenotes the last couple of days. I currently own aqua di gio and armani mania, which got me started. My girlfriend likes aqua di gio, and thinks mania is pretty good too. She gave me the comment that mania smelt like old grandma way into the lasting basenotes.

    I just tried dior homme. As expected my initial impression is makeup bag. I'm willing to give it time though and see how I like it. I'm also interested in what my girlfriend has to say about it when i see her in a couple of hours.

    My top likes were:

    1. bulgari pour homme or farenheight for evening
    2. terre d' hermes for day

    I'm a young athletic 24 year old who likes to workout play sports, get sweaty, but i'm also a professional at cisco who has a fashion sense here in the bay area and in the closet metro. I think dior homme might be too feminine for me.. Recommendations? thoughts?

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    Default Re: newb and tried Dior Homme

    There's nothing feminine about Dior Homme - it's just not spicy and herbal-heavy. Plus, the leathery drydown is anything but feminine. I'm not sure when iris and cocoa became associated with makeup, but now that a couple people have said it this description seems to have stuck.

    That said, it's impossible to really make recommendations based on just a couple criteria. I recommend you go to websites like beautyencounter, luckyscent, or beautyhabit and just order a bunch of samples. You'll find something you like.

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    Default Re: newb and tried Dior Homme

    Chanel Egoist Platinum , try it.
    Chanel Allure, try it.
    Azzaro Chrome.
    Armani classic
    LŽau Issey Miyake
    so many...

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    Default Re: newb and tried Dior Homme

    Thanks for the replies! I'm really excited to join the world of frag. I've always been a smell freak, but have never indulged myself as well as others in some excellent masculine smells.

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    Default Re: newb and tried Dior Homme

    Welcome wragen22! It's all goes downhill, er, uphill from here If you've always been a smell freak, you've come to the right place! You can't imagine what is in store for you so just get out there and start smelling! You are in a great place to find some amazing fragrances, in San Francisco, so go to high end department stores and start sniffing! If you liked Terre d'Hermes you may like Cartier Declaration. It was too weird for me when I first started my fragrance journey, but now I can't get enough.
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    Default Re: newb and tried Dior Homme

    If you like the iris note in Dior Homme, but want something a little 'brighter' try Infusion d'Homme by Prada.

    Oh, and try not to put too much importance on what your girlfriend thinks about your fragrance selection. Of course, if she hates your scent, you might want to choose something else - but try to let go of the idea that you have to get her 'approval' for your scents. If you love scents/fragrances, which it sounds like you do, wear what YOU want. You'll be happier. If your girlfriend cares about you, this is what she'll want for you.

    Good luck and welcome to Basenotes!
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