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    Default The Perfumed Court vs. The Posh Peasant

    I had never heard of TPP until noticing a mention of it in one the threads on the Male Fragrance Discussion.

    I'm ramping up my decant-buying hobby, and I was wondering: is one, in general, more expensive than the other one? (I mean in GENERAL--naturally some higher vs. lower on individual perfumes can be found...I think). Please also don't chastise me if this has been discussed before...I lack the time to read almost 200 posts on TPC.

    I checked them out (TPP) and was surprised by THEIR high prices as well...maybe spending close to $50. for a 10 ml. vial of Ambre Sultan is the norm?

    In addition to pricing, are there any other differences?

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    Default Re: The Perfumed Court vs. The Posh Peasant

    i'm looking through their site now....and the Posh Peasant has a much more LIMITED collection. I tried adding 3 random scents to my cart, and shipping was $7! too much.

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    Default Re: The Perfumed Court vs. The Posh Peasant

    Yeah, I noticed that too.

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    Default Re: The Perfumed Court vs. The Posh Peasant

    Are those two in some kind of competition? And the names are rather silly, aren't they.

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    Default Re: The Perfumed Court vs. The Posh Peasant

    Before you complain about shipping, please be aware that post-9/11, mailing perfumes has become a complicated, expensive deal. I just got my FedEx ground D.O.T 49-CFR shipping approval, and that cost me $150 for the test (very hard and complicated, I had to answer questions about shipping dynamite and explosive gases, etc.) and I have to ship via FedEx ground, which is about $8 minimum. To ship by air or overseas, since I don't have IATA clearance yet, I have to drop it off at a reshipper, i.e. more costs.
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    Default Re: The Perfumed Court vs. The Posh Peasant

    Perfumed Court has a flat shipping rate, so you will waste money if you order just 2-3 samples, but when you order 50$ or more, 5 or 6$ shipping isn't a lot.

    I like TPC's selection which makes it useful as a one-stop place for trying SAMPLES. But I would not recommend getting decants from there, it's just too expensive. You might as well try Ebay, Basenotes forums or another place for decants or cheap bottles in my opinion. MakeUpAlley is another place where people trade fragrances and decants.

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    Default Re: The Perfumed Court vs. The Posh Peasant

    I have ordered from both, the posh peasant just recently actually. My order came in(t.o canada) in less than a week!

    The perfumed court took about 3 weeks,

    I'm sure your mileage may vary though, and I know the big storm they(perfumed court is based in Georgia) had in January did not help.

    price is a little high from perfumed court , but they have a huge and varied list of frags.

    posh peasant a little better on pricing, but they have a smaller list to choose from.

    I think my next to try is scentmonkey for full bottles, their prices seem reasonable. I just have no idea what they are like for shipping to Canada.

    Sure, luckyscent looks brilliant, but its all retail prices, so your going to pay full tilt. I'm sure if its frag you love though it's worth it since I hear they do a great job on packaging and shipping.

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    Default Re: The Perfumed Court vs. The Posh Peasant

    Thanks for updating this ancient thread. adri6 - there's also Surrender to Chance now.

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    Default Re: The Perfumed Court vs. The Posh Peasant

    Yeah, is pretty good.
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    Default Re: The Perfumed Court vs. The Posh Peasant

    My experience with the Perfumed Court is absolutely horrible. I only go there as a last resort if I can't find a sample elsewhere, and I would never recommend them to anyone.

    The Perfumed Court doesn't have slow shipping. They have slow PROCESSING. It can take weeks from when you place your order before they even get around to filling it, and then it can take a few more days before they ship it. I remember the first time I used that horrible site. I'd already been checking my mailbox every day for 2 weeks, wondering where my package was. I got in touch with The Perfumed Court, assuming it had been lost in the mail. Nope. They hadn't even processed my order yet. WHAT?! I complained, obviously (!!!) so they threw in a free sample. Still, sheesh.

    Recently, I ordered a batch of samples from TPC and from Decantshop. The decantshop order arrived in my mailbox before the email arrived from the Perfumed Court to let me know they were processing my order. COME ON. That's bad. The Perfumed Court should be embarrassed by how badly they run their business. I'm also convinced that the Perfumed Court cheats you on juice. Their sizes are for the size of the vial, not the amount of juice you get, which means you actually get less juice since there needs to be enough room in the vial for the stopper/dabber. When you're talking about .7ml, every bit matters.

    The Perfumed Court is terrible.

    Decantshop, on the other hand, is fantastic. FANTASTIC. Their sizes are for the amount of juice you get. Their shipping is fast and their customer service is excellent. I actually got an email from them to check and make sure I didn't make a mistake on my order because I'd ordered two samples that were really similar. Awesome customer service. I can't say enough good things about my experiences with decantshop. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

    I've also used Parfums Raffy and had good experiences. I'd recommend them for Amouage samples (they sell 2.5ml official samples at a great price)... but for anything else, decantshop is my first choice.
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    Default Re: The Perfumed Court vs. The Posh Peasant

    I have been very happy buying samples from Luckyscent, Surrender to Chance and the Posh Peasant.
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    Default Re: The Perfumed Court vs. The Posh Peasant

    I've bought mostly from Surrender To Chance, but I also go straight to the maker if it's niche. For example, I've bought directly from DSH, Sonoma scent Studio, Aftelier, Providence Perfume Co., Slumberhouse, Ava Luxe. The one time I bought from TPC, I was frustrated by poor communication and slow processing.

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    Default Re: The Perfumed Court vs. The Posh Peasant

    I concur on the Perfumed Court. Horribly slow processing/shipping and poor communication. After several disappointing experiences, I actually canceled my last order with them and demanded a refund, since it was taking so long. I'll never order from them again.

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    Default Re: The Perfumed Court vs. The Posh Peasant

    Sadly, I have to agree. I made an order on Feb 12, did not leave TPC until Feb 20. With tracking used, it still hasn't crossed into Canada. Regardless, it won't get here until at least March 4. What the hell? Its my final order with them.
    I'll stick with StC and Decantshop.

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