My girlfiend likes both of these & trying to figure out which one I should get her as an addition to her christmas present.

Personally - I prefer Hypnose EDP, seems to have alot more tonka / vanilla going on and I tend to like sweeter fragrances on girls, also she had a sample of this that she milked to the last drop so it reminds me of her while theres no association with The One.
The One - smells very smilar to Hynose but with more florals, slightly less sillage & a bit 'softer' as a girl at my work put it. I think the bottle for this is a lot nicer & less tacky.

Price isnt really an issue - they are both about the same.

So girls and ladies, any thoughts / opinions on these two? Or even alternatives that are a bit richer / less '15 year-old girl'?