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    I cant believe i have overlooked this for so long!!!.Having never been a real fan of the Ralph Lauren range i guess i never bothered.After finally testing it a few weeks ago i purchased it straight away and love it.If i had to keep just one frag at the moment this would be it,but no doubt that will change!! Im sure it will always be in my top ten though.With a light hand,to me its very masculine,confident and a true classic.Sorry if im raving on but isnt it great when you find something that is just you.My wife loves it too which is a bonus.
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    It's a classic, for sure, they don't (dare) make them like this anymore.
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    Default Re: Polo Original

    I also like it very much.

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    Default Re: Polo Original

    Im another longtime fan ......
    recently got a taste again via a sample & i'll be getting a big bottle real soon .
    good to se you back justaroma !

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    I've always been a big fan of Ralph Lauren fragrances, despite his taking a beating on BN pretty frequently. My two favorites are probably Polo Blue and Polo Sport (in that order). The original Polo is also a great one. The initial blast is a bit harsh, but the rest of the ride is great.

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    I love the original Polo too - in my top five. Powerful stuff indeed. Interestingly, of all the frags I've owned it is a scent my mother (who has bought me many frags as gifts over the years) always hated, saying it smells like Vick's vapour rub (for chesty coughs)!!

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    This was hugely popular at some point. Think I had overdosed on it, comatose, asphyxiated. Then I tested it again at the store the other day, prompted by a post here talking about the new Polo Modern Reserve and how it compares. Polo's not bad at all! Imagine that!

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    I also love this classic and will always own a bottle.

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    I am always surprised when I wear Polo - I forget how good it is!

    When I ranked my fragrances earlier this year, Polo was among the 'Honorable Mention' group just outside my top twenty.
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    Polo is great.....My dad is using that frag 25 years.....Non stop! Only Polo....Nothing else.

    Last month I m using it for everyday.....I m enjoying very much that longevity and sillage.....I feel very confident.
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    Polo fetches me more comments from women than any other fragrance. I'm happy in my Polo Crest today, which is a lot like 'Polo light' to me.

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    The ORIGINAL Polo is fantastic. IMO, the best Ralph Lauren fragrance.
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    I enjoy it as well, but only two or three sprays max. Any more than that and you become a weapon of mass destruction.
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    Default Re: Polo Original

    this stuff smells too dated for me.....reminds me of all those weird uncles who came over wearing this in the early 90s or something....just doesn't smell too good in modern's got this weird medicinal vibe to it too, which makes me feel a little nauseous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by everso View Post
    it's got this weird medicinal vibe to it too, which makes me feel a little nauseous.
    Which is what my mother alluded to when she said she thinks Polo smells like this!

    As I say, I do love Polo (probably in my top five) but, all the same, you know I can see where she is coming from....

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