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    Default Esencia Loewe Question

    I have been looking at a Esencia Loewe "millenium" bottle with box, and I can't figure out if this is the mens or women's frag. I wrote to the 2 folks who had it up, and they both contradicted each other. The femme is usually Red bottle and the mens Green, and this looks like mens, however, can someone tell me for sure, please?
    Also, is it the same frag in a LE bottle?
    Ebay item number-350128964290
    Thanks very much.
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    Default Re: Esencia Loewe Question

    I would say the millenium edition it`s for men, 99 per cent sure...
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    Default Re: Esencia Loewe Question

    It is indeed Men's. Same juice. Darker bottle.
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    Default Re: Esencia Loewe Question

    I checked Ebay and some sellers wrotte "Femme" with the man picture.
    The man bottle is green or dark....Simple.

    Great purchase by the way, I have it.....What a great frag! Enjoy.
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    Default Re: Esencia Loewe Question

    Esencia Loewe is indeed a great fragrance, monster sillage and longevity. I used to wear it but it became very popular in Spain, sort of like Polo Green (classic) in the US. I remember that it was very usual to go to any given event and a few people will be wearing it, in fact over using it. This one requires very small dose or you will annoy the people around you.
    This is really a unique and scent, very well done. Highly recommended
    The Millenium edition is for man 100%

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