I received a tester of this SL scent with a perfume purchase
and decided to try it out last week.
Rarely has any fragrance had such a powerful effect on me!
It is such a "true to nature" fragrance - very compelling and
yet surprisingly challenging.
I know it isn't too popular on this
board or on MUA (maybe it's the Marmite ot the perfume world!) but it seems to like getting up close and
personal with my skin and I am giving it free rein. The honey note
is almost catching in the back of my throat, yet I am enjoying it in
a strange, masochistical way! The woods are pure Lutens and such a
beautiful, dry backdrop to the rich, sweet honey. I can't detect the iris in there
except maybe in the powdery drydown where it mingles with the incense note.
I have a horrible feeling that I read this scent was going to be discontinued, so I am
trying not to fall in love with it. I am glad that I have had the chance to smell it, however.
Do you love it or hate it? I don't get the dreaded "urine" note fortunately.