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    Default Oh look, another "newb needs fragrance" thread.

    Hey Basenotes, I'm a brand new member looking for some fragrance advice.

    I'm not a big fan of most fragrances you smell in the mall (and I'm not really in a position to buy anything more expensive), I don't have the best nose for smelling much of anything and I'm not really looking to get into the "fragrance hobby" hardcore.

    What I need is some simple advice. I really, really enjoy Sean John's Unforgivable. However, I've had 3 bottles of the stuff and it has all stopped smelling like the Unforgivable I bought in the store and the Unforgivable I was wearing the first 3 months after I bought the bottle. I don't understand if I'm supposed to be using more (I usually put on about 3 sprays a day, more than enough for my style), or if I'm storing it improperly(always in a drawer or cabinet away from light), or what. So I need advice on getting the most out of my Unforgivable.

    If it's not salvageable, my next question would be: What are some similar fragrances at a similar price point? I'm really not looking for taste considerations on the topic of Unforgivable, I like it, my long-time girlfriend likes it, and I'm not the kind of guy who throws his whole world around his cologne.

    Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Oh look, another "newb needs fragrance" thread.

    Well, I didn't get any replies.

    I'm not sure why, if anyone could tell me, that would be great, I like to learn how boards work but there don't seem to be any "guidance posts" on this one, so I'll just solicit advice for getting people to talk to me.

    I don't really need as much advice anymore, since I went to the store, smelled a truckload of different fragrances, and then wound up buying D&G Light Blue. I liked how it smelled on me both times I did a "sample spray," altho I have to wait till Christmas to see how it really works out.

    So, basenotes, what was wrong with my first post, and what could I do better?

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    Default Re: Oh look, another "newb needs fragrance" thread.

    I don't think you did anything wrong. Maybe the timing was just off. One thing you can do though, in this case you did, already answer your own question. You can first search the site for the subject to see if it's been discussed before. sometimes the question, such as yours has been asked so much, it might not generate a lot of discussion. You anticipated that in your header. Nice title! Very catchy!

    You can go to the Fragrance Directory on BN and look for the notes in Unforgivable and search for other fragrances that have similar notes to try. Other websites that give notes are, Fragrantia & Ozmoz. There are more I can't remember! That will get you started, though. I'm glad you went ahead and found something you like.
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    Default Re: Oh look, another "newb needs fragrance" thread.

    Hi Luke A
    Welcome to basenotes.Nothing at all wrong with your post just unlucky i guess.Ive had it happen to me as well,just one of those things.Everyone here is generally very helpfull.I seem to remember reading somewhere(probably here) that unforgivable can have a short shelf life,so that may or maynot be the case with yours.I am far from an expert though and that may not be right
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    Default Re: Oh look, another "newb needs fragrance" thread.

    Hi Luke A! I am also new to the board but have been a fragrance fan for years. There are plenty of quality frags at your price point. You just have to try them out (as you did).
    Keep posting!

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    Default Re: Oh look, another "newb needs fragrance" thread.

    Hi Luke,
    first of all, even if a bit late, welcome to basenotes! I think your initial post just had bad luck and people missed it but indeed you did everything ok.
    About Unforgivable, well, there's no need of particular care to store a fragrance while using it (we're not talking then of storing in for years). Just keep it in a not too warm enivronment and possibly away from sunlight. Anyway there are different elements that can participate in causing the phenomenon you experienced.
    First of all a fragrance reacts to our body temperature and skin type (acid, oily etc...) and not all the days we're the same according to how we feel, what we ate the previous days etc...
    Then we must consider external environment: a fragrance projection and development changes according to humidity and temperature of the external environment. That's why for example some fragrances can vary dramatically applying them in summer or winter (but also in a rainy or a sunny day).
    Then there's also the nose habit effect that makes our nose to change its perception of a scent smelled for longtime or also of a scent that we smell everyday (did you try stopping wearing it for a week and then wearing it again?).
    From what you say I don't think your unforgivable changed; it's probably your perception about it that changed, that's all. In this case what I could suggest you is to alternate unforgivable with another different scent you like to avoid your nose to get used and overexposed to it so you will still be able to enjoy both scents.

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    Default Re: Oh look, another "newb needs fragrance" thread.

    Luke, welcome to BN.
    Magnifiscnet, dude, awesome response. I second everything you said.

    Luke, I am glad you have 2 frags now. I would suggest buy 2 more. Try TJ Maxx or eBay, lots of very good deals. Reason to buy more is to change every once in a while. For me, at a minimum, I would suggest a summer frag (anything that says SUMMER on it), a fall/winter frag (doing a thread search will give you more choices that you thought was possible), and the last 2: dressy occasions, and casual. For dressy consider something that makes YOU feel important, rich, larger than life, etc. For casual, most fresh unisex (Mugler cologne for example) work very well. Its good to have something to dab on for atrip to the mall on a saturday afternoon. Enjoy.
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    Default Re: Oh look, another "newb needs fragrance" thread.

    Thanks everyone for your responses, I guess the timing was just wrong. I'm used to forums where there's always someone around to see a post. Anyway, I think I know what went wrong with my fragrance. The first bottle I had, I didn't use it every day (or even once a week, I used to be a lot more sparing with it) and eventually, I think I forgot what it was supposed to smell like, and started having an "even better" smell in my mind. The second bottle, which my girlfriend gave me to replace the first when I stopped wearing it, was actually purchased from a NYC street vendor (which I didn't find out until I went on this big fragrance binge, and she said "Oh yeah..."). Which might explain why it has a completely different scent from the other bottle, and always has. I went back and sprayed a couple sprays of the first bottle, and it smells fine now.

    However, the saleslady did tell me that other customers have complained of Unforgivable changing slightly. So maybe it's not just me.

    On the subject of TJ Maxx, etc, I cannot understand how they can sell the same fragrance for $35 when others are selling for $55. To me, that implies a lesser product. I mean, I know all about marketing and different clienteles, but that's a seriously different number! What gives?

    Quote Originally Posted by Andrewthecologneguy View Post
    For dressy consider something that makes YOU feel important, rich, larger than life, etc.
    I know exactly what that is. Acqua di Gio. I smelled that on my skin and thought "Vegas." (which is my slang for "high-roller," "big spender," actually your phrase "larger than life" is pretty good) I don't feel accomplished enough to actually wear it places, tho. Maybe when I graduate, or get a nice internship, or make a big pay day.

    Anyway, that's why I picked up Unforgivable after years of mooching various fragrance off my dad. I smelled that and thought "power." But it's different power. Acqua di Gio is very satisfied. Unforgivable is not.

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