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    Default Long lasting, winter scent

    I tried Winter Star blind and that did not work. My daughter wants me to get a winter cologne. I was thinking Chergui but I dont know if Beautyhabit will still have a 25% off code. I dont like much vanilla, or earthy scents or foody (some is okay). Here is what I have: Fumerie Turque, Red Vetyver and Tauer's LDDM. I love it to project and last a long time, comparatively. Some that catch my interest are CDG Avignon, Kyoto, Sequoi; Eau d'Italie Baume au Doge; I think YSL L'Homme; maybe Dior Homme. Penhaligons Elixir sounds promising but if it is like Hamman Bouquet and the pine needles, maybe not for me. I dont want something stuffy like Creed Tabarome.

    I wanted to get back to GIT but I am afraid that rather than enjoying it for what it is, I will always compare it to the first bottle of GIT that lasted for a whole day on me. Last three bottles all petered out and it did not smell the same, and I am not going to go pay $200 or more for 4 ounces, will not do it.

    I could try say the sales section and found Attar. Maybe Keiko Mercheri Oliban? Mazzolari? I read of these from time to time and see them at Luckyscent. I just know I dont like it to be close to the skin, love how my Lutens and Tauer project when I swirl my head and I get a whiff three hours after I left home

    So, ideas? Id like to stay around $100 for a 100ml/3/4 ounce bottle or less.
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    Default Re: Long lasting, winter scent

    If you can find it discounted - Annick Goutal Ambre Fetiche.
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    Default Re: Long lasting, winter scent

    Heritage and Habit Rouge by Guerlain are wonderful cool weather fragrances. Also Knize 10 and Versace's L' Homme. All can be had reasonably per your post.

    edit: Sorry, overlooked your dislike of vanilla. HR is, however wonderful. The others don't have the vanilla issue!
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    Default Re: Long lasting, winter scent

    Opium Pour Homme Eau de Parfum by YSL
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    Default Re: Long lasting, winter scent

    Cartier Le Baiser Du Dragon Perfume EDP is one underrated scent. if you like spicy orientals, this is worth a look. matter of fact one of our bner is havin a 100ml for sale at a very good price...

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    Default Re: Long lasting, winter scent

    I'd check out Dior Homme, definitely. YSL L'Homme is great too but I think it's more of an all-year fragrance. Still an excellent one to check out.

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    Default Re: Long lasting, winter scent

    habit Rouge - vanilla or powdery?

    Mike, If it is available at Macy's, Ill go smell it this weekend

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    Default Re: Long lasting, winter scent

    I ditto Knize Ten. Great for the winter, longggggggg lasting too. Caron L'Anarchiste is also good for this time of the year as is Yatagan.

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    Default Re: Long lasting, winter scent

    B*Men and Burberry Brit can be nice winter fragrances that are both long lasting. Terre d'Hermes also wears nicely in winter and has amazing sillage and longevity. Burberry London is a hit or miss as far as longevity goes but it's a fantastic fragrance and one that I will use regularly during winter.

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    Default Re: Long lasting, winter scent

    Got to agree with Heritage. Great for winter and laaaaasts.

    BdP is my go to winter scent. Another long lasting one with sillage to spare!

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    Default Re: Long lasting, winter scent

    Carven Homme and Listen by Herb Alpert.

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    Default Re: Long lasting, winter scent

    Opium PH

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    Default Re: Long lasting, winter scent

    May I suggest Santos de Cartier for winter. Since some of the notes could be quite overwhelming, I suggest a try before you buy.
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    Default Re: Long lasting, winter scent

    L'Instant EDP

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    Default Re: Long lasting, winter scent

    Another vote for Opium EDP and Balenciaga's Cristobal.

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    Default Re: Long lasting, winter scent

    If you are allready interested in Dior Homme, please try the Intense verision (EdP strenght) as well. Dior Homme is a wonderful, smiling allround scent to me, while the Intense carries more gourmand-like qualities, perhaps better suited for this time of year if you're into that way of thinking.

    For a completely different recomendation, try Tauer's Incense Rosé. I don't know about the traditions in other countries, but here in Sweden we drink vast amounts of mulled vine - glögg as we call it or glühwein as our southern neighbours in Germany say - in winter time and especially around christmas. This fragrance never fails to conjure up a piping hot kettle in front of me. I suggest you order some samples from Mr. Tauer.
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    Default Re: Long lasting, winter scent

    Quote Originally Posted by KMF View Post
    L'Instant EDP
    L instant EDP is an exquisite and great option.
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    Default Re: Long lasting, winter scent

    Not as long lasting as some but Zagorsk by CdG is perfect for a cold winter day. It was 12F and bright today and Zagorsk was absolutely stunning.
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    Default Re: Long lasting, winter scent

    Burberry London and TdH are both great on me this time of year
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    Default Re: Long lasting, winter scent

    Also give Nicole Farhi Man a shot.

    It manages to be both cool and spicy at the same time, with a gorgeous transparency and decent longevity too. (You'll also be able to buy it cheap in a gift set after Christmas is over...)

    You might also try Fahrenheit 32, which also walks the cool/warm line and is very interesting. My feelings keep changing on this one - one day I really admire it, another I'll think it's terribly ordinary. (It too will no doubt be on sale after Christmas...)
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    Default Re: Long lasting, winter scent

    Annick Goutal Sables - this one lasts ad infinitum. Anyway, it is a complicated scent, you have to be very brave to wear it.

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    Default Re: Long lasting, winter scent

    I can personally vouch for Geir Ness. My skin normally drinks up fragrances and my nose gets fairly easily fatigued. Geir Ness not only project well (maybe TOO well) with a mere 3 sprays, but it lasts at least 7-8 hours on me with a fair amount of strength still left. The sillage is probably the best I've ever had out of anything I've worn. A friend of mine commented at dinner tonight, "Okay, who's wearing cologne? Cuz it's pretty damn strong." That was the very first time someone said it was a little too strong and it was just 3, THREE sprays. That almost NEVER happens. Especially if it's something that was just sprayed on my mid section. California winters aren't that cold since it hovers around the mid to high 30's at it's coldest. However, if just a few sprays can stand up to cold weather, then it's got some good punch. Besides that, you get an initial blast of cool freshness and then the dry down is warm and sweet. Fair warning, don't spray this anywhere higher than the lowest part of your neck. Even anywhere on your neck is too much.

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    Default Re: Long lasting, winter scent

    Quote Originally Posted by petruccijc View Post
    If you can find it discounted - Annick Goutal Ambre Fétiche.
    I'll second that. It's an amazing smoky amber that lasts forever. Pricey, though. Some others I'd recommend:

    Profumum Thundra (also pricey)
    Parfum d'Empire Fougère Bengale (I'm wearing it today, actually.)
    Burberry London
    Tom Ford Oud Wood (also pricey)
    Comme des Garcons Series 3 Incense: Avignon

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