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    Default Re: I don't think I can keep it up

    This thread so speaks to me. I identify with a lot of what you all posted above.

    Such as. . .
    Quote Originally Posted by purplebird7 View Post
    Give yourself three or four categories that you like.
    Buy one fragrance in each category.
    Rotate new fragrances in and out of each category.
    That's what I'm doing.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nukapai View Post
    I don't think you can keep up and it's not even worth trying. Going with the flow is hard though when you feel that there could be that ONE gem you might be missing amongst all the hum-drum or downright awful stuff. My advice is to try and accept that just like it's not possible to read every book ever published in one lifetime, it's not possible to keep up with all perfumes and scents.
    Quote Originally Posted by Astaroth View Post
    Since so many new fragrances come out all the time, you can afford to be really selective. And the fragrance houses make it easier for you by mostly coming out with mediocre product.
    And lots of others, but mainly these.
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    "Embrace those things which give you pleasure, after all, there is so much mediocrity to endure elsewhere." -- Inselaffe

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    Default Re: I don't think I can keep it up

    I guess I never thought about it like that. I guess to me it's more like having an endlessly restocked buffet to choose from. I don't have to be in any rush, I can pick and choose and just because I try one thing doesn't mean I won't be able to try something else later. Why not just approach it a bit less structured? What's the worst that's going to happen? You won't be able to sniff something? You're never going to be able to taste every great dish, eat in every great restaurant, drink every great wine or hear every great concert. If you're always worrying about what you may miss, you'll forget to enjoy the things that come your way.
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    Default Re: I don't think I can keep it up

    ..........Any ideas on how to keep up-to-date without risking bankruptcy?

    Yeah. You'll never get it perfect and you'll never get it done, so stop and have some fun along the way. Most of them aren't any good to begin with. Be discerning. Keep sampling a few. Buy a bottle every now and then.

    And most of all, appreciate what you have, and quit making such a big deal out of all of it. Life is supposed to be fun.

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    Default Re: I don't think I can keep it up

    I feel like one of the few who have yet to order samples from places like TPC, though there are definitely plenty I'd love to try that I don't have access to!
    Since I've taken a more active interest in fragrances, I have, at times, found myself a bit overwhelmed... once I find one I like, I'm like... but what if it could be BETTER? And I'm on the hunt for the ultimate -- something that will really dazzle and inspire me.
    But I've found that what works for me and inspires me at any moment in time could be drastically different the next. You have to kind of just let it come to you. I say do your research, familiarize yourself with the notes and noses you like and that are good quality... maybe even compile a list of things you may come across in passing that pique your interest... BUT SET IT ASIDE. Basenotes is a great community for input on narrowing down the market and being informed, especially when you're going into a department store with a lot of choices. I have been lucky enough to have been able to take advantage of my shopping. Shops like Aedes will include up to 7 samples with your order of your choosing, so you can really take advantage of that. Beautyhabit will even throw in I think 3 as well... so there's definitely ways to acquire samples along the way without breaking the bank. So far it's worked for me. And taking a step back from your collection, you can find you appreciate the ones you already own in very different ways.

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    Default Re: I don't think I can keep it up

    Quote Originally Posted by alba View Post
    The world of perfumes is going through such changes and growth that I feel I can't catch up with all the new houses, names, noses... Besides, I don't like samples: they're usually so small that I can't appreciate whether I like the scent or not, and sometimes you spend quite a lot of money on them that could be used for a whole bottle. I thought it'd be a good idea to follow people I've been interested in before, for example Mark Buxton. But then these nose stars are becoming very expensive. Am I alone in feeling like this? Any ideas on how to keep up-to-date without risking bankruptcy?
    I understand what you are saying, but let's keepn in mind that you have to do it as a pleasurable hobby, with a laid back attitude, come what may.
    We don't have to catch up or keep it up, nobody does (have to), there will always be new and exciting scents but it's best to go along the world of perfumery as a scented road with a odd bumps, going places and discovering things and feelings you thought you didn't have and opening a world of possibilities whenever a great scent comes your way and you spray and transport to that world of dreams.

    If you are afraid of risking bankruptcy then just don't buy any new scents but keep going to stores and sample new and/or old scents just for the fun of it, or if it's too much temptation then don't go to any stores and cherish the ones you have with each spray or dabble.

    If you use the ones you have you may feel even more attached to them after you finish them and then can go back to new ones -in time- and remember the "old" ones with more admiration or love.

    remember that it's not a race, it's a way of life.


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    Default Re: I don't think I can keep it up

    Excellent advice- this is indeed a confusing hobby but it should always remain a pleasure! It's easy to get caught up in a search for 'the one', that ultimate perfume that you adore completely. And in this search you can forget your current collection, e.g acquisition becomes more important than actually owning. So when your budget is sparse, get out all the perfumes you own- there will be some favourites you've forgotten. Also, I find getting the occasional one I REALLY want makes it feel like a special treat. Make sure your loved ones have access to your wish list around birthday/Xmas time!

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    Default Re: I don't think I can keep it up

    I'm having fun so far, and it's certainly pleasant to have a bunch of samples - I have daughters so nothing will go to waste, I ask even the littles if they'd like a smell and let them choose from the samples, sometimes we dump out a little box of them (I'm keeping them in small cardboard boxes, like from eye cream for example, inside "the box" that holds the perfume.)

    But for budget guidelines, I have a waiting period, like for handguns, so if I want a sample of something the first thing I do is write down the name of it. If I still want it two weeks or a month later (but no less than two weeks) I order it then. For full bottles same thing, plus ultimate limit of 12 bottles at any one time, which I am not actually close to, but will not cross...No more than 12 pairs of shoes for me, no more than 12 bottles of perfume, I think (not counting my one backup bottle in the closet) And I want them to be Actively Worn. Since those are the items I spend more on and want best quality for me. No limit on # of samples but I do want to try them and give away any I am really not interested in, instead of holding onto them like I have been doing so far, and kind of don't want so many that I need a big complicated system of filing them.

    I am not by nature a collecting person, and never actually thought about trying to smell everything in the world, not worried about that at all - I want to smell enough to be educated, want to have enough for variety, and wear some every day so that there is turnover in the collection.

    Well this got long but:
    Waiting period before buying anything, even samples
    Limits on # of full bottles in wardrobe
    USING the perfumes and enjoying them

    are my guidelines for control.

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    Default Re: I don't think I can keep it up

    I am a collecting person, I will have to be careful! And basenotes is a dangerous site!

    I don't think one should even try to keep up to date. I went to a shop yesterday and tried four new (ones I haven't sniffed yet) fragrances and liked neither of them. It was just for fun, but if you want to do serious research I suggest you find out what kind of fragrances you actually like, and then focus on those notes, or styles.

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