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    Default the sultan = expensive M7

    hey all,

    i just got a few more niche samples that ive been on a spree lately and in the mail today i got a large decant of vintage tab, and ambre sultan ,

    I was expecting to be blown away by both of these but to be honest , one is just quite nice, --- tab, and the other , ambre sultan i find in no way improves upon what YSL m7 does. I heard all the negative comments that ambre extreme by l'artisan gets for being boring etc, but for a pure amber i find it really quite favorable over what the sultan does for me. I think this all has something to do with me being quite a noob in the niche world but still, i find especially that medicinal aspect of the sultan to be virtually identical to M7.

    vintage tab is alright to but i dont think it lived up to the hype on this forum in my opinion , just a nice classy country club fragrace, it seems quite dry and powdery for me and id much rather have something like rive gauche if im in that kind of mood,

    oh well ill keep trying the frags that get so nicely reviewed here, as some have pointed me in the right direction, i think to this day the only frags that have lived above and beyond all hype on this site for me have been , tauer l'air du desert M, and rive gauche, both absolutely incredible and live up to every last hype in my opinion,

    If sultan was too medicinal , or rather too much like m7 for me, what other ambers should i try.???

    thanks for any input.

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    Default Re: the sultan = expensive M7

    I don't think M7 and Ambre Sultan have that much in common, but in response to your last question, I'd say try MPG Ambre Precieux. It's not medicinal at all, just rich, slightly spicy and powdery amber. There are other ambers I really like, but if you haven't sampled the MPG, that should definitely be next on your list ... and I think 90% of the folks on here would agree. I'm hardly going out on a limb here with this suggestion; it's in virtually every amber lover's top five.

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    Default Re: the sultan = expensive M7

    I don't think that these two are alike at all. Try Ambre Russe if you would like to experience a different take on amber.
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    Default Re: the sultan = expensive M7

    I started this thread recently and I received many good amber fragrance suggestions. Hope it helps.

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    Default Re: the sultan = expensive M7

    I really don't see the association between Amber Sultan and M7 but if you want a really nice ambe try Histoires des Parfums Ambre 114 or for something less expensive but still very nice frags Ava Lux Ambra Tibet or Ambra d'Or.
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    Default Re: the sultan = expensive M7

    I recommend MPG's Amber Precieux I found it to be a very nice amber and not as severe as SL's Sultan or TF's Amber absolute.
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    Default Re: the sultan = expensive M7

    Ambre Russe is king.
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    Default Re: the sultan = expensive M7

    I love love TF'S Amber Absolute.

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    Default Re: the sultan = expensive M7

    Well, I also think that the two have little in common, so I wouldn't forget about the Sultan just yet - as for ambers I would start with a basic: Yves Rocher Voile d'Ambré. Get a bottle for $25 (or way less on ebay, perhaps) or better even just a miniature. It's a very good standard amber. I was spoiled by beginning with Ambre Sultan and haven't yet felt the need to get another

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