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Thread: Christmas Party

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    Question Christmas Party


    A quick one for you all, it's my companies xmas party this evening and it's a smart dress affair, with a meal (and casual dance) at a very extravagant football stadium in the city.

    I've narrowed it down to five beauties but cannot make a decision, anyone wanna help me?

    Black Aoud
    Aoud Lime
    L'air Du Desert Marocain
    Rive Gauche Pour Homme

    Thank you very very much!

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    Of those, definately L'Air Du Desert Marocian. Don't over apply though, and have a great party.
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    Cool Re: Christmas Party

    L'air du desert marocain.

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    Wearing L'air du desert marocain to mine. Was a choice between that, Musc Ravageur or Black Aoud. Enjoy whatever you choose.

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    A dab of Bacardi and vomit behind each ear should suffice for a jolly good knees up

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    Default Re: Christmas Party

    Black Aoud
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    IMO the best xmas fragrance is Fahrenheit..It fits perfect for winter....

    what do you think?

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    If you want to get fired, wear Black Aoud.

    I recommend the Rive Gauche, lightly sprayed.

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