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    Default Getting crafty with perfume bags

    I just happened across a blog called Style Spy, and I love what she's done with the shopping bags from some of her fragrance purchases. I too am a bag lady!
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    Default Re: Getting crafty with perfume bags

    That's one nice idea! Of course, ideally, there is much more to do with them rather than just pasting a ribbon on top or placing them in a frame, but I am always glad to see other people's creativity!

    Most of you know I did not have a very leisurely week in a couple of months, but let me sort things out and I will show you an ornament I have been having on my mind, made (who doubted!) out of perfume boxes! I also need some good glue, like rubber cement or something.
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    Default Re: Getting crafty with perfume bags

    Thanks, oudy-pa-toudy!

    I can't part with those neat bags either. They really imply all sorts of things, don't they? A fun day, an adventure, feeling special, finding something special to take home.
    For the longest time, while growing up, I was attracted to tiny, brown paper bags. Then, one day, Mom told me the very first thing I handed money to someone for was a tiny paper bag of popcorn. Will assume that's the reason for the attraction. Hadn't thought about that in a very, very long time. My mom was the best about noting special moments. (Thank you, Mom. Hope you can see Basenotes from wherever you are.)

    This is old news, but I'll repeat myself--have put L'Artisan, Sephora, Bigelow bags on the rail that runs around my powder room (tacked them in place with museum putty). A favorite keepsake is the Santa Maria Novella bag a friend brought back from Italy.
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