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    Default Salvatore Ferragamo "F"

    I like this one very much.. Fresh and elegant. It`s described as a sophisticated fresh scent for all occasions. I think this will be my next purchase.
    -Eny comments on this one? Someone says it has some simularities with Terre D`Hermes? Ferragamo is also comming up with a new version of it in 2009 called "F by Ferragamo Black"

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    Default Re: Salvatore Ferragamo "F"

    Hhmmm, I dont know what you find so particularly special about it, I just thought it was another boring designer, too scared to cross any boundries to be at all remarkable in any aspect.
    However your the second one who I note saying its awesome (my uncle adores it) hence I might give it another try next time I see.

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    Default Re: Salvatore Ferragamo "F"

    -Is it possible to get a deo-stick of this one??

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    Default Re: Salvatore Ferragamo "F"

    My partner has been trying this out as he received it as a gift. I actually don't smell much that's like Terre d'Hermes. Where the Hermes is dry and flinty, F is apple sweet and then powdery, musky, slightly incensy sweet. It has tremendous lasting power as you might expect from a fragrance like this. Not at all great, but not at all bad either. It seems you can get a shower gel with this scent, but I haven't come across a deo stick.
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    Default Re: Salvatore Ferragamo "F"

    A flanker called F Black is supposed to come out in 2009 - the discription did not impress me.

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    Default Re: Salvatore Ferragamo "F"

    It`s the same creator of this and Kenzo Power.. After some thoughts, i think Power is the best of them!

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