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    Default Any stores carry Guerlain line?

    Most of the department stores don't carry Vetiver, Heritage, Habit Rouge ect. Are they not sold in any stores?
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    Default Re: Any stores carry Guerlain line?

    I believe they're carried at Bergdorf Goodman's in NYC. 212-853-7300. I always ask for Jason, a very helpful SA.

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    Default Re: Any stores carry Guerlain line?

    Although most online retailers carry the 'standard' Guerlains, department stores don't. The Perfumania chain stocks Vetiver (which is where I bought mine). I'm sure you can also find some at mall stands and the like and local fragance shops. For samples (online) you can either buy minis from sites like, or buy decants from For the fragrances you mentioned, you may find the online retailers much cheaper than the Guerlain boutique at Bergdorfs, but for the more rare Guerlains that boutique in NYC and the others in Vegas, Miami, etc. are the only sources.

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    Default Re: Any stores carry Guerlain line?

    The only Guerlain men's fragrance in my area is Vetiver, both Sephora and Saks carry it. Sephora also seems to have the exclusive on Vetiver Extreme.

    I have to go online for Heritage, Habit Rouge, etc.

    A few weeks ago, I called the Guerlain boutique at the Bellagio in Las Vegas and bought a bottle of Derby. Their number is (702) 375-2138.
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    Default Re: Any stores carry Guerlain line?

    Online, the Guerlain Eau d'Cologne line is the hardest to find in stock ..

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    Default Re: Any stores carry Guerlain line?

    It may help if you post where you're from. Saks in Chicago carries Vetiver, Habit Rouge, Heritage, and all the feminines. Bloomingdales had Vetiver, Habit Rouge, and Heritage.

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    Default Re: Any stores carry Guerlain line?

    In Philadelphia, and NYC, I've found Vetiver in Sephoras. I can't say the same of Habit Rouge though, or most of the others....

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    Default Re: Any stores carry Guerlain line?

    Saks in LA has Mitsouko, Jicky and Shalimar in the women's section (probably more but I didn't look too hard). Most department stores have Shalimar, Insolence and L'Instant. Sephora has Shalimar and Samsara, all the Aqua Allegoria's, Insolence and L'Instant.

    Sephora has Vetiver and Vetiver Extreme. I think Macy's has Vetiver. I had to order Habit Rouge online. Sephora has Cologne Imperiale online and I think also Mitsouko or L'Heure Bleu.

    I can vouch for the Las Vegas boutique--great service, really fresh product, and they gave me some samples.
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    Default Re: Any stores carry Guerlain line?

    Dillards (at least where I live) has some Guerlains - Heritage, Vetiver, Imperiale.

    Neiman Marcus has some also.
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    Default Re: Any stores carry Guerlain line?

    Neiman Marcus in San Francisco has a Guerlain boutique that carries almost everything the Paris store has. You should call there and ask to speak to Josie Pastor. You can tell her that Jim sent you.

    Do your research before you call and ask for what you want. Too many questions on the phone with her may not work to your advantage.

    The number is (415)362-3900. Ask for the Guerlain counter, and when they answer ask for Josie. You may mention my name if you think you need to.
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    Default Re: Any stores carry Guerlain line?

    Every Neiman Marcus I have ever gone into, has more than a handful of men and women's Guerlain's in store.
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