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    Default Re: Bond No. 9: Your thaughts on Price vs. Quality...

    I own a few Bonds and for the most part I feel its style (or should I say packaging) over substance. Its sad when I find myself wanting to buy a Bond more for the bottle than for the juice. Also I took my time sampling this line and most of them smelled too strong or too synthetic at first. I am not sure if this had to do with the high percentage of oils or what but it turned me off to them for the longest. Eventually I did buy one and now they smell good to me so maybe my nose has become less sensitive.

    Also I've only bought one Bond at retail. The rest of them I got on ebay for great prices. I dont think I would pay full retail for ANY Bond.

    To be fair, Chinatown is probably their best offering (I might pay retail for that one). Amazing stuff IMO. I didn't care for any of the Creed clones though. I still want a bottle of B9 Brooklyn regardless of what the juice smells like.
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