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    Default What should I do with this 'Grass' gift set?


    So, Mikeperez23 and I were talking about 'Grass' the other day and he said that he thought that Gap was bringing it back(??!!) and that Joe Petrucci was selling advance bottles of the new stuff. So, I did a thread search and didn't see anything about new editions of 'Grass', so I emailed Joe and asked him. Turns out he had bottles of old merchandise still sealed, so I bought a bottle. I'm running out of everything right now and on that front I was feeling nostalgic.

    Anyway, it arrived in my mailbox almost before I'd sent the money. (I think Joe has an 'in' with the postal service. His packages always arrive with blinding speed!) I emailed him to thank him and blah blah, we got to talking about 'Grass' lotion, shower gel, etc.

    I went and looked on eBay and said, "Hey, Joe, look. There's a kit with lotion, EDT, and shower gel!" and Joe said, "NOOOOO! Thank you for your help, TRex, but we're trying to get money moving in *not* out, here."

    (I am paraphrasing.)

    So, I did that thing you do with eBay, sometimes, place a low-ball bid on something, "Why not?" and you figure you'll get outbid and then you walk away and forget about it. And then you get that email:


    And you go, "Oh, hell, no you DIH-UN'T! That shit is MINE!"

    And you go back and outbid them and then you've bought something you really didn't need so much to begin with simply because your competitive instincts got accidentally riled when you'd had one cup of coffee too many.

    So, I've got a gift set on the way. Part of me thinks I should be nice and give it to some other 'Grass' lover for Christmas. Another part of me thinks that I should break it into three and give it to THREE other 'Grass' lovers. And then another, eeeeevil greeeeedy part of me is just thinking, "Yay! MINE! Yaaaaaaay! MINE MINE MINE!!"

    What would you do?

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    Default Re: What should I do with this 'Grass' gift set?

    Keep it buddy.

    That's discontinued, vintage, rare...whatever you wanna call it. Get in touch with your 'inner stamp collector' T. Rex. Hold onto it!

    Oh and congratulations.
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    Default Re: What should I do with this 'Grass' gift set?

    Well I didn't want to buy it, but I would gladly accept it as a gift.

    Keep it as a Christmas gift to you from you - the best kind of gift!
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    Default Re: What should I do with this 'Grass' gift set?

    I think it's time to get the mulcher out.

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