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    Default Library question...

    What qualifies as owning a scent? A full bottle? Sample of 5ml? Any sample size?

    Just curious!

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    Default Re: Library question...

    Whatever you choose! It's really a matter of personal perspective. Whether bottle, partial bottle, decant or mini, if it feels like it's really a part of your wardrobe, then put it there. I tend not to think of samples as being part of my wardrobe, but maybe you will.
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    Default Re: Library question...

    I used to feel that I "owned" it if I had anything bigger than a 1ml sample vial - anything big enough to spray. Now I feel that I own it if I have anything from a 15ml mini/decant on up. (Well, except for pure perfume - 1/8 ounce of pure perfume counts as owning it in my book.)

    However, as my "own" definition goes up, my bottle purchasing goes up, so I think I should redefine back down. Unless and until I start heavily swapping, I think that 5ml is my boundary, and 2ml for pure perfume. That's enough to wear several times.


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    Default Re: Library question...

    I've put full bottles only in my wardrobe - only because there's plenty to share if anybody has a request. Not that I get any, lol! My full bottle wardrobe isn't very interesting yet. It's a work in progress. There don't seem to be any hard and fast rules. Whatever works for you is probably fine.

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    Default Re: Library question...

    Quote Originally Posted by lilybelle View Post
    I've put full bottles only in my wardrobe - only because there's plenty to share if anybody has a request.
    I do the same - but I've seen any amount of systems, usually with a small explanation in the "introduction" section of the wardrobe. Whatever works for you, and if you want to be entirely unequivocal about it: describe what your system is. (Under Wardrobe Settings)
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    Default Re: Library question...

    Thanks to all!

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    Thumbs up Re: Library question...

    Quote Originally Posted by lilybelle View Post
    I've put full bottles only in my wardrobe - only because there's plenty to share if anybody has a request.

    I highly recommend you add some more masculines to your 'drobe ...not that I would ever request any :wave:

    On the topic, I would think at least a 10 ml bottle for myself. But as stated earlier, anyone can go by their own "rules".

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    Default Re: Library question...

    I count bottles and mini-bottles, but not decants or samples.

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    Default Re: Library question...

    Prompted by this thread yesterday, I have put a note on my wardrobe that the bottles listed are the ones that originally were 15ml or above. Decants, samples, and miniatures are not listed even though mentally I think of them as my wardrobe. If anyone wishes to choose scents for decanting, it saves reeling off a list of exceptions .

    It also saves having to count at home and then list the many sample vials and store samples that I have that would be very time consuming to input online.

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    Default Re: Library question...

    Count me among those who include only full bottles. If I had 15 ml or larger decants, I might include those as well. Basically, my wardrobe represents that which I'm happy to share. Samples end up on my tried list, but I sometimes forward these along. I just noticed I have only 77 fragrances on my tried list, but my Excel sheet has about 140 reviews. I have work to do. Sigh.
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    Default Re: Library question...

    My wardrobe is so hopelessly out of date. I do have some of my larger decants (10ml and up) and mini's listed, but not samples.

    And while we are talking about it, I consider decants to be app. 5ml and up, while samples are smaller, even if they are hand decanted. I know some have different definitions.
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