Hi! I'm starting a new oud based perfume brand (Amin Perfume) which is originated from Malaysia. It has been running for 3 months now. I also sell other oud products such as oud oil and wood. But our main focus is the perfume.

However, I found out that the selling of perfumes are rather slow. With a limited budget I couldn't find a good solution to this. I've published my own website (a free one of course). Many people said that my perfumes are too expensive. But I'm sure it's worth it for it's produced via biotechnological process, not mixture of compound essences or chemicals.

At first I thought it's because too few people know about oud perfumes, all inquiries are concerning on pure oud or agarwood. When I first tested the 16 lines of perfumes I feel that they have a combination from strong top note to more mild ones. But, I believe there must be one that is suitable for each individual, isn't it? Although I'm very new in this industry, I'm sure can differentiate between nice smell and stinky smell. For me, those perfumes are nice and calming... (cannot compare with other brand - never use them)

Please help me on this....