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    Exclamation Seeking help from experienced perfume sellers/perfumers

    Hi! I'm starting a new oud based perfume brand (Amin Perfume) which is originated from Malaysia. It has been running for 3 months now. I also sell other oud products such as oud oil and wood. But our main focus is the perfume.

    However, I found out that the selling of perfumes are rather slow. With a limited budget I couldn't find a good solution to this. I've published my own website (a free one of course). Many people said that my perfumes are too expensive. But I'm sure it's worth it for it's produced via biotechnological process, not mixture of compound essences or chemicals.

    At first I thought it's because too few people know about oud perfumes, all inquiries are concerning on pure oud or agarwood. When I first tested the 16 lines of perfumes I feel that they have a combination from strong top note to more mild ones. But, I believe there must be one that is suitable for each individual, isn't it? Although I'm very new in this industry, I'm sure can differentiate between nice smell and stinky smell. For me, those perfumes are nice and calming... (cannot compare with other brand - never use them)

    Please help me on this....

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    Default Re: Seeking help from experienced perfume sellers/perfumers

    To be honest, I wonder if your website has something to do with it. Perhaps it would be worthwhile to seek professional web design help. The advertisement on your site makes it looks like a lot of spam sites, and I think that may affect your sales. Best of luck!!

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    Default Re: Seeking help from experienced perfume sellers/perfumers

    I agree. A free website with tons of google ads etc make it look more like an amateur blog or something than a site I'd take seriously or - most importantly - trust with my money.

    After browing the site for a few minutes, a full screen ad popped up. That's simply unacceptable for a business site.

    Further, you really don't explain your scents anywhere except to mention their name alongside their code number. I know nothing about the scent based on the name alone. Your description of production technique leaves a lot to be questioned too.. Supposedly you use an enfleurage/maceration process that quote "does not involve any extraction" - although surely extraction is required for the oud you use. And if you are using pure oud oil in what is basically at tincture, then surely the price should be far higher than $20 for 8ml.

    Do you use synthetic oud? Are the scents primarily oud based, or are there other notes present in some of them? Describe the scents and dedicate a page to each. Also, get rid of the code numbers - there's nothing interesting or appealing about wearing a scent labeled "134".

    I hope this didn't come across as too harsh as I really intended it to be constructive critcism. Good luck!
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    Iris Pallida 50ml

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    Default Re: Seeking help from experienced perfume sellers/perfumers

    1. I just visited your site and it is true: the interface does not pay tribute to your efforts. In this sense, I would follow the suggetions made by Coffe&Pizza and Sculpture of Soul.

    Moreover, in some occasions, purchase involvement by part of consumers does have to be taken into account. Usually, it happens when the price of the item under consideration is too high - you might have experienced it yourself when buying something pricey - a house, a car, a washing machine, a fridge, a computer, etc. But in other ocasions involvement might also be present, for example, when purchasing something over the internet.

    Thus, prospects would ask themselves if there is any proof that the item will be sent after being paid, if the item bought will arrive in time and order, or what would happen if the transaction fails, and so forth. In this context, the interface of the website is very important since it's layout contributes to the reassurement that the offer is for real and that the salespeople behind the site are serious.

    Just to make it clear, think of yourself walking along a country road and reading a handpainted sign offering flying lessons. Then, imagine yourself walking along the same road and reading a handpainted sign offering fresh eggs. Chances are, you won't ever think of taking the flying lessons, but you might as well buy the eggs. Well, this is the same.

    2. There is the snobish factor. Many fragrance lovers love some scents because of the brandname. In that sense, I found boxing and bottle designs aprropiate. But do take this factor in consideration, it plays an important role.

    3. Price is an important positioning variable. If you can, conduct a simplified market survey: ask fragrance lovers how much they would pay for every product you sell, which price would give the impression of low quality and which price would be considered exagerated. Take answers and add the frequency for each question. Then draw a graph: at some point, the three functions will intersect, that would be your optimal price. Of corse, it has to be compared with operative costs.

    PM me if you have any further questions.

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