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    Default Amouage frankincense quality

    Curious the experts thoughts here

    I just got my Jubualition in the mail from amazon and love it! I had a sample so knew what it was like but been a few weeks since i had worn it

    Anyway was doing some reasearch and found this interesting interview and two things struck out

    I have noticed that the Amouage fragrances have a soothing, calming effect. Has this characteristic been brought to your attention before? Is it due to the high proportion of natural ingredients that you use? Has silver frankincense any particular properties?

    Christopher Chong:

    The mission of all Amouage fragrances is to spare no expenses in creating the best wearable scents.

    Oman produces the best Silver Frankincense in Dohfa. You have made a very interesting observation. Silver Frankincense contains special properties that are both calming and soothing. Itís widely used in traditional Omani healing medicine and is highly prized.

    It has always been considered the very best quality of frankincense available in the world. The Queen of Sheba took silver frankincense from Dhofar to King Soloman way back in the Old Testament days. Legend has it that the frankincense taken to the baby Jesus by the Magi also came from Dhofar.

    Any truth to this? Or just pure marketing hype? I am curious is it true that it has special medicanal properties? also is the reason it is expensive becuase they use some of the best qaulity? Or we just have to take their word

    I also found this section interesting

    - Finally, a little ritual. Apart from the Amouage perfumes, what are the 10 perfumes that you think everyone should experience at least once in their lifetimes?

    Christopher Chong:

    Caronís Tabac Blond
    Caronís NíAimez Que Moi
    Caronís Poivre
    Guerlainís Jicky
    Chanelís Cuir de Ruissie
    Carthusiaís Ligea La Sirena
    Acqua di Parmaís Colonia
    Comme des Garconsí Man
    Serge Lutensí Ambre Lutens
    Annick Goutalís Sables

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    Default Re: Amouage frankincense quality

    Interesting stuff.
    I am not an expert but the frankincense in amouage smells very very good to me. I have not smelled better elsewhere. I don't know about medicinal benefits, these are likely to be highly disputed and the safest position, I think, is to assume there are none. Just use it because it smells fantastic and then if there are benefits, it is a bonus - is how I look at it.

    While in my opinion the ingredients in amouage frags are of very high quality, I am not sure if they are a major contributor toward cost. In any case, the ingredients are quite a small proportion of the overall price. They may account for part of the reason that amouage frags are more expensive than other frags along with bottles and "pricing for exclusivity". Or not. I don't know .
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    Default Re: Amouage frankincense quality

    Man i love the stuff!!! I am thinking of buying a backup bottle a 1 oz will go quick LOL

    Out of curiosity how many sprays do you use?

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    Default Re: Amouage frankincense quality

    Jubilation XXV lasts all day on me and if I get some on my sweater, it's there for weeks. 3 nice sprays is more than enough. I've always loved frankincense in concept, but this is the first fragrance based around it that I've fallen completely in love with.
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    Default Re: Amouage frankincense quality

    I use 3 sprays also which will last a good part of the day on me , but when I want a much stronger dose of frankincense I use Comme des Garcons Avignon which lasts all day.

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    Default Re: Amouage frankincense quality

    just curious where do you do those 3 sprays on your chest? or your neck? i dont even bother with wrists anymore
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    Default Re: Amouage frankincense quality

    The soothing properties of incense as a perfume have been confirmed by western studies too (srsly, you can even find it in wikipedia and stuff). Myrrh has been used as a medicinal plant since ancient times.

    As for jubilation, I re-tested it recently. There is this red "medicine" made by some of the elderly people back in Mexico that smells just like Jubilation. The berries, the honey, the cilantro, the myrrh and other herbs I do not know about. That is why, to me, it is more ambery than incense based. It reminds me of wood resins, but more like the syrupy kind rather than the material that produces smoke. It does have incense, but it is just a fleeting top note. It also reminded me of the drydown of Nosamatto duro, which I prefer.

    So, to me, Jubilation is 10% Inscense 94% other stuff.
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    Default Re: Amouage frankincense quality

    Quote Originally Posted by denec View Post
    just curious where do you do those 3 sprays on your chest? or your neck? i dont even bother with wrists anymore
    I do both forearms and upper chest/neck area.

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    Default Re: Amouage frankincense quality

    Incensole Acetate
    TRPV3 channels in Brain
    Cannabinoid Receptors
    THC-like effects
    Silver / Hougari

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    Default Re: Amouage frankincense quality

    Quote Originally Posted by Ruggles View Post
    I do both forearms and upper chest/neck area.
    good idea forgot about forearms, i was doing chest, then both sides of neck


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